400lb Cast Iron Olympic Plate, Bar & Collar Starter Set - Barbell Standard

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400lb Cast Iron Olympic Plate, Bar & Collar Starter Set - Barbell Standard

400 lb Starter set includes of each:

- 4 x 45 lbs

- 4 x 25 lbs

- 4 x 10 lbs

- 6 x 5 lbs 

- 2 x 2.5 lbs 

- 7ft 1500lb Rated Olympic Bar 

- Pair of Spring Collars

Total Weight = 400 lbs (including the bar)


Barbell Standard

The staple plate in any gym. You have seen these everywhere from school weight rooms to commercial gyms, to Olympic testing facilities. These are benchmark plates designed to be hit hard and hit back!

These Cast Iron Plates are sleek in design yet robust in attitude. The center bore is an Olympic Standard for 2-inch plates. Whether you choose to load up a barbell or work out with the plate itself, these are made to last!

Visible numbers are clearly seen to know exactly what weight you are hitting! When not in use, know that their thin design will help you easily store away.

Available in various weights, suitable for all levels of training from beginner to pro-athlete

The Versus Men’s Olympic Training Bar is designed to meet the robust training needs of Olympic weightlifters. Rated for a maximum weight of 1500 lbs and features a needle bearing design, this bar is extremely smooth and durable.


Versus 1500lb Test Barbell

Bar Specifications

Bar Length

86” / 219 cm

Bar Weight

20 kg

Handle Diameter

28 mm

Tensile Strength (PSI)


Sleeve Length

16.3" / 415 mm

Knurling Width


Test Rating

1500 lb

Warranty 2 Years