Bells of Steel Safety Squat Bar – The SS3 [Out of Box]

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Bells of Steel Safety Squat Bar – The SS3

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The Bells of Steel Safety Squat Bar (SS3) helps build your quads and posterior chain, without shoulder/upper body flexibility or injury.

FEATURES • 1.2″ diameter 86.6″ length 47.5lbs weight Black zinc shaft Single pad design Rotating sleeves 3 removable handles 1,500lb capacity

Safety Squat Bar: Don’t let stiff shoulders or achy elbows hold you back
from squatting big weights ever again

Designed for those with limited shoulder, elbow, and wrist mobility but beloved by powerlifters and garage gym champions everywhere, the Safety Squat Bar is the perfect implement for developing your quadriceps and posterior chain. To learn more, check out How to Use a Safety Squat Bar.

Want to learn more about specialty bars? Then read our article: Best Specialty Barbells for Strength Training.

The high-quality, single-piece padding is dense yet comfortable, and it will always stay in place even during your sweatiest workouts.

The Safety Squat Bar is a magnificent tool to have in your arsenal, whether you have a pre-existing injury or not. It’s incredibly effective at developing the posterior chain, highly versatile, and arguably one of the coolest-looking specialty bars out there. Give your shoulders a break without having to go easy on the rest of your body with the Bells of Steel Premium Safety Squat Bar.


Weight 47.5lbs / 21.5kg
Diameter 1.2" / 32mm
Total Length 86.6″ / 2,200mm
Loadable Sleeve Length 11.4″ / 289mm
Rackable Length 47" / 1,194mm
Camber Angle 22°
Shaft Finish Black Zinc
Sleeve Finish Bright White Zinc
Sleeve Assembly Bushings & Snap Rings
Tensile Strength 190,000 PSI
Max Capacity 1,500lbs / 680kg

IMPORTANT: The SS3 is designed to fit perfectly in any Bells of Steel rack. If used in a non-Bells of Steel rack that is wider than 47” between the outer edge of the j-cups, the bar is unlikely to sit flat and/or might cause the j-cups to push inwards.

Exercises you can do
with a Safety Squat Bar.

  • Squats (of course!)

  • Lunges

  • Good mornings

  • Various lying bench press /tricep exercises

  • Overhead press

  • Hatfield Squats

  • Sissy Squats

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