XM Fitness Rig Power Rack 300lb Rubber Grip & HD Bench Package

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XM Fitness Rig Power Rack 300 lb Rubber Grip & HD Bench Package

Get started with XM FITNESS Rig Systems with this Beast Package. This all in one rack is perfect for your entry into the 100% customizable XM Rig System. Every component is upgradable.

This Rack includes a multi-grip chin-up bar at the front. Premium XM J-Hooks with premium rubber protection for your barbell. Safety spotters and band pegs at the bottom for resistance when weight training. A D-Grip handle at the side to anchor your undulation rope (not included). A landmine attachment for even more weight training variety.

This package also includes the XM Fitness HD Adjustable FID Bench, one of their premium benches. Lastly, a 300lbs Virgin Rubber Weight Set is also included, topped off with an excellent barbell.


77"L X 76"W X 84"H