Top 3 Mistakes When Buying A Treadmill

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Top 3 Mistakes When Buying A Treadmill

With every New Year comes resolutions and the fitness industry BOOMS. While this is great for us in many ways, we've spent 7 years taking the hands of our clients and showing them THE LIGHT - clients rarely end up with the treadmill they thought they needed and save themselves time, money, and hip replacements in the process.

Here's the scoop on the top 3 BIGGEST mistakes we see when buying a treadmill:

#1 - The What

Most people have NO IDEA that treadmills marketed for Home or Residential use are only made to withstand an average of 3 to 4 sessions a week from a single user. For some people this might be the right fit, but for many people who plan to use their treadmill more often, have multiple people in the household using the treadmill, or whose fitness goals will outgrow their treadmills capabilities, you're going to end up having to replace expensive parts or an entirely new treadmill much sooner than you planned. In this case, a commercial grade treadmill would have been a better fit, being built to withstand hours of intensive daily wear and tear 7 days a week.


#2 - The WHERE

Say it with me, people: CEILING HEIGHT. You would be shocked at the number of people who have made up their mind about buying a treadmill that doesn't fit in the intended space or doesn't have access to the proper electrical supply. Call us heartbreakers, but no matter how gung ho (this is a real word - ask Google) you are on a treadmill we're going to tell you if it's not going to work.

Measure the space (including height) you plan on putting the treadmill and consider electrical outlet options - some treadmills need dedicated outlets with specific voltage so either have an electrician in mind to bounce info off of during your treadmill search or enjoy running on your new treadmill in the dark with the TV off.


#3 - The HOW

A big chunk of residential service calls we get are for treadmill issues - 99% of these calls were preventable with proper maintenance of the treadmill. Do not buy a treadmill unless you're willing to maintain it. Your treadmill gets as dusty as your coffee table - combine this with sweat and you're asking for costly and even dangerous mechanical issues (Hello, fire!). Much like a puppy, your treadmill needs to be groomed and inspected. To get the trade secret breakdown check out our post on 3 Easy Trade Secrets to Maintain Your Treadmill.


There you have it! The Top 3 Mistakes When Buying A Treadmill. If you need any help picking out your new digs, feel free to slide into our DM’s on Instagram, shoot us an e-mail at, or check out our Inventory of Treadmills

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