Power Body Fitness


Power Body Fitness Inc. has been custom-designing, manufacturing and supplying high quality, value for fitness equipment to leading stores and fitness clubs across North America for over two decades and we believe this is all just the start! At Power Body Fitness, we are consistently researching and designing new, innovative equipment that proves to be effective, efficient and above all else, safe

Power Body was started in 1994 with the vision of SQV: Safety, Quality and Value. We believe that strong relationships can only be built by the principals of SQV:

Safety: We believe safety is of paramount importance. We design and manufacture all our equipment to ensure that they meet and exceed all safety requirements.

Quality: We are dedicated to providing high quality equipment to all our customers. All our equipment are made with high quality materials and under strict conditions to ensure that there is no compromise when it comes to quality.

Value: We believe that quality should not come at a high price to the customers. We are committed in providing the best value for money.

Today, we stand by this vision of SQV stronger than ever. We at Power Body are convinced that only by providing high Safety, Quality and Value can we ensure utmost satisfaction to all our clients.