Power Body Adjustable Horizontal Dumbbell Spotter Stands With Pivot System #1085

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Power Body Adjustable Horizontal Dumbbell Spotter Stands With Pivot System #1085 

*All Power Body Products are made to order. Please allow 5-6 weeks for item to arrive.

Bench is not included in purchase**


This is a piece of must-have equipment for trainers who want to make their heavy lifts easier and safer. Train with heavy dumbbells safely and effectively on your own. 


  • Made in Canada with High Quality North American Steel 
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Equipment made with 7 gauge and 11 Gauge Steel 
  • The Pivot System provides a monolift-like convenience for performing dumb bell presses. The cradles move out of position automatically allowing one to get started with their work out right away without the need to readjust their positioned arms or body position
  • These Individually pivoting cradles allow for an isolated training of the arms 
  • Heavy Duty Dual Pillow Bearings to ensure smooth pivot action
  • Height and width adjustable to custom the stands to suit different users. 
  • Suitable for both dumbbell bench presses and dumbbell overheads presses. 
  • The superior adjustability of our spotting stand makes it the perfect companion for your solitary dumbbell presses, regardless of whether your bench is on a flat, decline, incline, or upright position.
  • Unit can be built to custom specifications. Please contact us for more details 


  • Length: 45+1/2″
  • Width: 39″
  • Height: 58″

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