Our Story

This Is Us.


On the day our daughter was born in 2018 we took a leap of faith and began a family-run Regina-based business. After working in the sale-pushing, penny-pinching, soul-crushing confinement of the corporate world for years (maybe you know the feeling), we went out on our own to offer an option that addressed the needs and concerns expressed by the fitness community of Saskatchewan - a carefully curated selection of quality products backed by timely, professional, and responsive service. 

Fast forward to today, with service and sales across Canada and the US, we couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to open 306 Fitness! While the adventure of entrepreneurship is wild and challenging and unpredictable, having the flexibility and freedom to back only the brands and people we believe in, work hours that allow our family to be together, and respond directly to what the community asks for without having to jump through bull$hit corporate hoops makes every obstacle that much more satisfying to conquer! 

Meet Our Main Players

Dayton Martell, Owner & Managing Partner


Dayton is a small town guy with small town values and big ideas. Dayton has nearly 10 years under his belt of experience in commercial and residential fitness service and sales. He has been the muscle, knowledge, and day-to-day managing partner of 306 Fitness since day 1. He has put in tireless hours to create a foundation for a business that 306 Fitness can be proud of.

His greatest weakness is also his greatest asset. Dayton’s genuine nature builds a sense of trust with our fitness community - he is adamant on selling high quality (low margin) products versus low quality (high margin, money-making) products. Dayton is a true matchmaker - he will always recommend the right fit even if it means less money in our pockets. This commitment to value and integrity will always set 306 Fitness apart from others. 

When Dayton isn’t crushing 306 Fitness he is busy having dance parties with his daughter, riding his motorcycle, taking his pup outside, and spending time with family. 


Cody Lloyd, Managing Partner


Cody is the go-to if you want to get $hit done and get it done now. She manages the online sales and service platforms, social media platforms, administration and finances, marketing, and the team’s overall wellbeing (HAHA). Without her, 306 Fitness would be crying in a ball on the floor.

Cody has a colourful professional and educational background with a Masters degree in Public Health specializing in Indigenous peoples’ health and over 10 years of sales and supervisory experience. Now she predominantly works in community based Indigenous health research, but has worked everywhere from correctional facilities to your local sustainable boutique. Cody also shares her knowledge as an instructor at First Nations University. 

When Cody isn’t crushing 306 Fitness she is busy cooking with her daughter, dining out locally with her pals, spending time with family, and volunteering with local dog rescue CC RezQs.