COVID Gym Opening Tips

COVID Gym Opening Tips

Re-opening day for gyms and fitness facilities in Saskatchewan is tentatively set for June 8th, 2020 after a nearly 3 month COVID-19 shutdown. We've been pretty (very) busy doing what we can to help our local gyms prepare for opening day by helping strategize, move equipment, and servicing equipment up to our standards. Throughout the process we've come up with a few tips and ideas based on our experiences thus far!

Booking System

The most efficient way to control traffic in your facility while still allowing gym-goers a predictable shot at getting in a workout is a booking system. Keep in mind time in between groups to ensure sanitization. For example, offer a 60-90 minute workout window for booking with time in between groups to "reset" your facility.



Prepare Each Station

To decrease the amount of traffic, hands on equipment, and lingering have everything prepared at each station in advance. Now is not the best time for communal weight trees or barbell storage. For example, ensure your bench press stations already have a barbell, a pair of collars, and a good selection of weights sanitized and ready to go. 



Signage & Video

This is a weird time for all of us. If you're up on social media, consider posting a video to show your following a walk through of what they can expect from the minute they arrive at your facility to after they've gone. Show them your signage, check in procedure, new etiquette, and what steps are being taken in between guests. This will help you in controlling traffic flow while alleviating some uncertainty or apprehension from your community members in returning to your space. 


That's all, folks. Thankfully any changes you make to your facility in terms of rearranging or trying out new systems can be altered as you find what works best for you and your community. 

Whats steps have you taken to prepare for your grand re-opening? Comment below and let us know if you need any support,





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