Gift Guide for Functional Training Fitness Enthusiasts

Gift Guide for Functional Training Fitness Enthusiasts

Gift giving can be tough! Thankfully, we know our stuff ;)

Here are 8 easy gift ideas for the functional training enthusiast in your life! Whether they're into strength training, functional training, Crossfit, or strength conditioning - these will promise to check their boxes!

Strength Training - Functional Training

Functional training helps you perform everyday life activities more easily, often using the whole body and emphasizing stability and strength. It's an incredibly popular and practical way to train regardless of whether you're a beginner or expert, young or old.

Functional Training Gifts Under $50

Slam Balls - Slam balls are an incredibly versatile way to train. Whether you're using them for ab work, arm work, or explosive movements they're meant to take a beating. They are meant to be - you guessed it - slammed, so they can take a heck of a beating and are usually more cost efficient than medicine balls. You can buy slam balls as small as 4 lbs all the way up to 150 lbs slam balls.


Dumbbells - Dumbbells can be added to the most basic functional training exercises. Whether you're doing squats, deadlifts, snatches, farmer walks, squat jumps, lunges, swings, bent over rows, walking lunges, presses, cleans, and more.

Functional Training Gifts Under $100 

Kettlebells - You can get kettlebells up to 61 lbs for under $100, no problem. Kettlebells are great for full-body strength training, cardio endurance, and mobility. They're an incredibly efficient way to work out whether you're using them for squats, deadlifts, ab work or arm work.


Gym Rings - Gym rings are a great addition to any functional training circuit, allowing for improvements on push/pull movements and grip strength. Gym rings can be used for pulls ups, ring muscle ups, ring push ups, ring dips, L-sit, back levers, and more. 

Functional Training Gifts Under $200

Weighted Vests -  Weighted vests are one of our top 5 sellers when it comes to functional training. Some people use a weighted vest for walking, while others train more intensely, bootcamp style, doing push ups, pull ups, squats, lunges, and more! Weighted vests come in 2 styles: Tactical Vests and V-Style Vests. Tactical vests come in 10 lbs, 14 lbs, 20 lbs, and 40 lbs. V-Style Vests come in 25 lbs, 35 lbs, 45 lbs, and 55 lbs. Tactical vests have more adjustments, making for a more snug fit compared to the V-Style Vests. The V-Style vests have smaller increments of weight in them, making it easer to adjust the amount of weight in the vest compared to the tactical vest.


Plyo Box - Jump squats build power and engage the nervous system. Plyo boxes are also excellent for step ups, push ups, calf raises, dips, and more.

Battle Ropes - Battle ropes target most muscles in the body including arms, upper back, lower back, shoulders, abdominals, and lower body. Depending on how the rope is used, you can modify the target area. Battle ropes help gain muscle mass, tone muscle, train endurance, and lose weight. 

Functional Training Gifts Under $300

Landmine Started Set - Push/Pull exercises are primary exercises within functional training. The landmine starter set includes a landmine, barbell, and multi-grip handelbar. If you already have the landmine and barbell, there are other styles of handlebars that add versatility to any workout.



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