How To Install Rubber Flooring

How To Install Rubber Flooring

How To Install Rubber Flooring

When it comes to strength training, the best option for home gym flooring is rubber sheets or mats. Rubber flooring is easy to clean and provide cushioning for high impact exercises. It not only helps protect the underlying floor, but it also helps protect your weights and exercise equipment.

Installing rubber flooring is a straightforward job, but it is more labor intensive than most people realize. Firstly, Premium Gym Flooring 4X6 ft 1/2" Sheets are 60 lbs each. You don't understand how awkward it is to maneuver a 60 lbs 4X6 ft piece of rubber until it's too late HAHA.

Secondly, cutting is HARD. It is totally doable, but it requires some strength and energy. Make sure you're in a good frame of mind before having to slice rubber. If you angry cut rubber, you're gonna accidentally angry cut yourself.


Rubber Flooring - We highly recommend our heavy duty Premium Gym Flooring 4X6 ft 1/2" Sheets . It can take the wear and tear of the most intense workouts and is incredibly easy to clean. Make sure if there will be a lot of cutting involved in your install that you have easy access to more flooring. We offer discounts on bulk purchasing - be sure to shoot us an email for more info!

Sharp Utility Knife

Measuring Tape

Chalk Marker or Similar - Something that you can see when marking the flooring, but can be washed off.



Straight Edge - This one is two fold - Firstly, it will help with marking straight lines. Secondly, a straight bar can help raise rubber flooring while cutting. This will make cutting a bit easier. For example, a hexagon crow bar:

Optional to Secure Flooring: Heavy Duty Double Sided Tape or Mending Plates. You can find either of these at any hardware store. Depending on your setup and size of space it may or may not make sense to secure the flooring. Our home gym is a small space with heavy duty equipment on top of the largest pieces of flooring - our flooring does not move anywhere and does not require securing.



1. Clear the Area

Vacuum, sweep, mop - make sure the surface is clean and free of debris.


2. Start Easy

Start in a corner that doesn't require any cutting. Install flooring into the corner, snugged right up against the wall. Continue installation, piece by piece, snugging each subsequent piece up to the last one. There should be no space between the flooring.


3. Cutting

Cutting rubber flooring is not an easy job. Measure, mark, and then cut. Cuts should be on the outside towards your wall. If you have a straight bar, place the straight bar under the flooring, parallel to your cutting line to provide some space to cut.

Please note, you are not a professional, you are not going to get a perfectly straight cut. You are in your dark basement angry cutting rubber with a shitty utility knife, just do your best and make sure to let us know how it went ;)


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