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Bells of Steel Blitz Air Rower

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The Blitz Air Rower is an economical indoor rowing machine that offers a joint-friendly, full-body workout. Perfect for home gym enthusiasts!

FEATURES • Air-powered flywheel • Adjustable damper • 90.4lbs weight • Quick disassembly • Adjustable footrests • Ergonomic seat • Ships unassembled

Benefits of the Blitz Air Rower

    Rowing is an excellent full-body workout because it simultaneously works your legs, abs, back and arms. In fact, this resource shows that rowing continuously at 200 watts requires similar metabolic demands as running a 7-minute mile. But, no one actually enjoys running, amirite? And trust us — after doing a 500m row for time, you’ll struggle to resist crying out with, “Please… no moar!” 😉
    Like the world-class Concept2® RowERG, the Blitz Air Rower makes for a joint-friendly cardio workout. Compared to walking, running and skipping, rowing is easier on your joints because it’s non-weight-bearing. This low-impact nature means that it’s a great exercise type for those with joint problems from weight-bearing cardio exercise, whether you’re doing HIIT training, long endurance workouts, or active recovery sessions.
    The Blitz Air Rower uses a fan-based flywheel, just like that dreaded ol’ Blitz Bike. This means that the harder your pulls, the harder the resistance — making for a highly responsive (and seriously challenging) workout. But, you can also control the feel of your pulls using the spiral damper. Adjusting for more or less airflow into the flywheel allows you to change the feel of each stroke to suit your rowing style 🚣🏻‍♀️

Specs - Blitz Air Rower

Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 90.4lbs/41kg
Total Length 95"/2413mm
Total Width 24.25"/616mm
Total Height 37.5"/953mm
Seat Length 10.37"/263mm
Seat Width 12.25"/311mm
Flywheel Type Air-Powered
Monitor Included
Weight Capacity 320lbs/145.1kg
Warranty See Below

IMPORTANT: The Blitz Air Rower is backed by a 5-year warranty on the frame & 2-year warranty on parts.

More AWESOME features on the Blitz Air Rower

Adjustable Footrests

Got itty-bitsy feet? Was your nickname “Bigfoot” in high school? The footrests can fit a wide range of shoe sizes and with its quick-adjusting system, you’ll be ready to row in seconds no matter what boat shoe you’re in 👟

Quick Disassembly

Unlike the Concept2 Row Erg, this air rower should not be stored vertically. But if you don’t want to store it permanently on your Cardio Machine Floor Mat, disassembly is quick and allows the unit to be separated in two halves for easier transporting to your next cross-training competition 💪🏻

Highly Portable

This air rower is easy to move around for workouts, making it ideal for your home gym or commercial facility that needs flexible space. Just lift the machine up about 1 foot off the ground from the rear for the wheels to kick in, then wheel ‘er away 🚗

Ergonomic Seat

The only thing worse than a 500m row-for-time is a sore butt from an unforgiving seat. Thanks to the seat’s ergonomic design, each cheek is gently supported — making the Blitz Air Rower quite the asset for your cardio workouts.

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