Bells of Steel - Kettlebell Rack (Arriving June 30th)

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Save space and show off your kettlebells in style with the Kettlebell Rack!

Please allow 7 business days to fulfill order.

FEATURES • Flat-top design • Offset shelves • Protective shelf lining • 1,000lb capacity • Black powder coat • Hardware included • Ships unassembled

Save space and show off your kettlebells in style.

With the Kettlebell Rack, you can display your kettlebells with the tender love and appreciation they deserve.

Benefits of the Kettlebell Rack

    Although it was built to hold competition kettlebells, the Kettlebell Rack accepts gym gear of most shapes and sizes. Featuring two tiers, it can hold anything from powder coated kettlebells to rubber hex dumbbells and more… just watch out that any circular implements don’t roll away! The durable black powder coat is the perfect complement to make your implements take center stage, while the protective lining prevents metal-on-metal contact and softens the contact of implements placed on the shelf ☁
    Storage is the most underrated component of your home gym, and this Kettlebell Rack is a beast. Unlike our Interchangeable Weight Rack, this unit uses a single shelf type but it does feature the same offset shelves design to allow for easy access to all your gym gear, making it perfect for those who like to keep it simple. The rubber feet help it settle firmly on the floor whether you’re using rubber flooring or bare concrete. Boasting a serious 1,000lb total capacity, you’ll be hard-pressed to overload this bad boy 💪
    A busy family’s home can be a little lawless — toys scattered across the floor, the entire counter covered in dishes, a laundry pile 8 feet high… you get the idea. What’s funny though, is that your home gym can fall prey to the exact same higgledy-piggledy clutter! Friend, you MUST revolt against this anarchy. And there is no weapon more powerful than our Kettlebell Rack. Suddenly, your implements that were strewn across your gym floor are immaculately organized on a compact storage rack. Now, if only they could lift themselves 🙃

Specs - Kettlebell Rack

Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 97lbs/44kg
Total Length 59.25"/1505mm
Total Depth 20"/508mm
Total Height 26.5"/673mm
Shelf Depth 9.5"/241mm
Coating Black Powder Coat
Single Shelf Capacity 500lbs/226.8kg
Total Rack Capacity 1,000lbs/453.6kg
Warranty Limited Lifetime

IMPORTANT: When storing implements on the Kettlebell Rack, please ensure that you do not exceed the 500lb weight capacity per shelf.

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