Manticore 3 X 3 Inch Folding Half Rack

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Manticore 3 X 3 Inch Folding Half Rack

NOTE: Please allow 2-3 weeks for item to arrive.

Half the size and all the power: Meet the legendary 3″ x 3″ folding half rack with 1″ holes.

It’s beastly. It’s customizable. It’s the last rack you’ll ever need — which takes that scorpion tail sting out of the investment.

Scroll down and start the epic quest of building your perfect power rack. We promise it’s a lot easier than the Labours of Hercules.

FEATURES • True 3″ x 3″ uprights • 1″ holes • 11-gauge steel • 1,000lb capacity • Black powder coat • Hardware included • Ships unassembled

Folding Rack Wall Connector - Manticore 18 Inch (Set of 4)

The 18-inch is the super-saver depth for anyone with major space constraints in their gym and folds inwards for storage. 

Adjustable Straight Pull Up Bar - Manticore

The Manticore Adjustable Straight Pull Up Bar is lightly textured with standard 32mm thickness. Easily adjusts with removable lock pins for versatile exercise options — inverted rows, anyone? — or for training partners with height differences.

Compatible with our Manticore power racks and non-Bells of Steel racks with TRUE 3" x 3" tubing and 1" holes. Requires an inner rack width of 43".

FEATURES • 43" length • 32mm diameter • Fast adjusting • Black powder coat • Easy installation • Hardware included

Sandwich J-Cups - Manticore - Pair × 1

The beastly Manticore Sandwich J-Cups are heavy-duty to handle big weights and are a serious plus when using a safety squat bar. 

Spotter Arms Attachment - Manticore - Pair × 1

You may be more than a pretty face, but dropping a loaded barbell while benching certainly won't improve things.

Stay safe while benching or squatting with these heavy-duty Manticore Spotter Arms.

*Bench Not Included

Benefits of the Manticore 3 x 3 Inch Folding Half Rack

    Sure, the stories of the conquering heroes and indomitable giants are fan favourites, but some of us prefer an underdog situation, ya dig? Meet the proverbial Murphy bed of strength training, the solution to your limited space. Why should you have to sacrifice your fitness goals just because the housing market has gone absolutely BONKERS? You shouldn’t! Tiny houses are the new Parthenon, friend-o! Featuring the same 11-gauge sturdiness but taking up a smaller footprint than the Folding Power Rack, this rack feels as good as when the unlikely hero saves the day. And when you’re done setting a new squat PR in the equivalent space of Pandora’s box, you can just fold away the rack. Guess what they say is true… there’s always hope (for big gains).
    Don’t let brand limitations hold you back! Like our Hydra racks, the uprights of our Manticore racks measure true 3″ x 3″ (which is EXACTLY 76.2mm x 76.2mm) instead of the typical 75mm x 75mm uprights of other brands’ imported racks. By matching the same tubing specs as many of our American competitors who make their racks on US soil *respectfully tips hat*, you can mix and match rack attachments freely without swearing your undying fealty to one brand — Now that’s customization! Just be sure to ask your oracle (Hey, Alexa!) and confirm compatibility BEFORE you start the mix-and-match fest, capiche?
    Customized racks are the best things since personalized sub sandwich shops, and they don’t even have that weird smell. Choose a pre-made design or craft your set-up to your personal taste. Create a bulk order now or build out your home gym over time — the choice is yours. Add some bolt-on plate pegs, a lat pulldown, and some extra pickles sandwich j-cups, just to round out the metaphor. Please?

More LEGENDARY features of the Manticore 3 x 3 Inch Folding Half Rack

Serious Space-Saver

Like the Folding Power Rack, this engineering marvel swings out when you need it and tucks away when you don’t. After setting your latest PR, just remove your attachments and fold it away — it sticks out by less than a foot — perfect for when you’re conflicted, “it’s a garage, no it’s a gym, no it’s a garage, no it’s a gym”.

Side Keyhole Slots

Ready to settle for 1″ holes on all 4 sides? Nah, your inner Swoledilocks deserves “just right” all day, every day. That’s why we went with keyhole slots on the sides of the uprights, so you can side-mount your 5/8″ attachments… as long as they’re destined for true 3″ x 3″ tubing — perfect if you prefer the more economical Hydra rack attachments. Now that’s a fairy tale come true.

Laser Cut Numbers

Trying to line up your j-cups or safety straps is arguably the hardest exercise. Fortunately, your days of cursing as a warm-up are over! No more fumbling around trying to guess the right setting — the laser cut numbers ensure perfect balance every time. Now you can go back to doing real gym math: counting by 45s.

Hefty 11-Gauge Steel

Built with 11-gauge steel, this mythical beast can handle the weight capacity needs of world-class lifters and old ancient-school Olympians alike. With thicker steel, you get even more stability than our Light Commercial Rack, which means less shaking when racking your barbell or while using attachments. Even if it’s not bolted down, you’ll feel that true #heavyweight status.

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