Bells of Steel Blitz Spin Bike

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Bells of Steel Blitz Spin Bike (Presale — Ships By April 15th)

FEATURES • Magnetic resistance • Highly adjustable • 135kg capacity • Water bottle holder • Media shelf • Secure toe-straps • Ships disassembled

We swear it’s not as soul-sucking as the Blitz Air Bike.

Benefits of the Blitz Spin Bike

    This spin bike uses magnetic resistance to provide a smooth and quiet ride. The resistance is applied via a twisting resistance knob, allowing you to easily adjust the intensity of your workout. Along with being ultra-quiet, the magnetic resistance system is virtually maintenance-free, so you can focus on your workout without worrying about your bike breaking down.
    Nothing’s worse than a poor-fitting cardio machine, so we made the Blitz Spin Bike highly adjustable. Both the handlebars and the seat offer six height settings with forward-back adjustability. Even better, the angle of the plush seat tilts to help you avoid sore buns and stay comfortable for those long rides.
    The best form of conditioning is the one you’ll actually do, and enjoyment plays a key part in that. Despite its economical price, we tricked out the Blitz Spin Bike with some notable upgrades — bottle holder, media shelf, toe straps, and drip guards — to help your riding routine stick for the long haul.

Specs - Blitz Spin Bike

Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 117lbs/53.07kg
Length 44"/1,118mm
Width 21.5"/546mm
Height 53"/1,346mm
Flywheel Weight 44lbs/20kg
Resistance Type Magnetic
Weight Capacity 297.62lbs/135kg
Coating Black Powder Coat
Warranty Frame - Lifetime
Parts - 1 Year

More AWESOME features on the Blitz Spin Bike

Convenient Bottle Holder

Stay hydrated during your workout with the built-in water bottle holder. Conveniently located within arm’s reach, so you can grab it without interrupting your workout.

Non-Slip Media Shelf

Keep your phone or tablet within reach and watch your favorite shows or listen to music while you ride. The rubber-textured media shelf is designed to keep your device in place, even during intense workouts.

Shin-Saving Toe Straps

Built-in toe straps maximize your riding efficiency and keep your shins safe. They’re especially useful during high-intensity rides, when your feet might slip off the pedals. A shin saved is a day made!

Protective Drip Guards

Dual drip guards help keep sweat off your bike and your floor. This way, you can focus on your workout without worrying about sweat clogging up your bike over time.

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