Bells of Steel - Industrial Olympic Bar

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Bells of Steel Industrial Olympic Bar

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Clean, jerk and snatch your way to new personal records in dazzling fashion with the Industrial Olympic Barbell.

FEATURES • 28mm diameter • 86.6″ length • 44lbs weight • Black Cerakote • Centre knurl • Medium knurling • Titanium-plated sleeves

Sure, good looks won’t put you on the podium.

But if your love language is “looks gorgeous and meets IWF specs”, then you’ll be getting a little hot under the collar with this one.

Benefits of the Industrial Olympic Barbell

    Style points matter, yo! You might love flexin’ your Sinclair Total Robi Points but unless you ALSO look badass while lifting, then what’s the point? (Pun intended.) No, seriously — with this snazzy black and gold industrial Olympic barbell, your competitors’ necks will be snappin’ when they side-eye you crushing your next PR.

    As an Oly lifter, you’ve got standards. So, naturally, you’re used to lugging around your barbell cleaning kit like it’s your unborn child. But it’s time to leave the glam kit at home, ’cause this Industrial Olympic Bar was crafted to be easy to keep clean. Fortified with a rust-resistant black Cerakote finish and golden titanium-plated sleeves, it’s low maintenance. Step aside, BOS Weightlifting Bar, there’s a new sheriff in town 🤠

    This weightlifting bar was designed for, well… weightlifting. Listen, we know that’s not a revolutionary concept. And while it’s not approved by the IWF, we still designed this industrial Olympic barbell to closely align with those specs. 5 needle bearings per sleeve, centre knurl, Oly marks, and a 28mm shaft diameter — all for that buttery spin and true weightlifting bar feeling. We’re just SO proud… *sniffles* … now, go lift something before we cry.


Weight 44lbs/20kg
Diameter 28mm
Total Length 86.6"/2,200mm
Loadable Sleeve Length 16.3"/414mm
Knurl Medium
Knurling Marks Weightlifting
Centre Knurl Yes
Bushings or Bearings Needle Bearings
Shaft Coating Black Cerakote
Sleeve Coating Titanium Plated
Tensile Strength 190,000 PSI
Max Capacity 1,500lbs
Warranty Limited Lifetime

IMPORTANT: Although Cerakote is more resistant to rust and abrasion, it can still be scratched from metal-on-metal contact. Please avoid using it in unlined j-cups.

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