Bells of Steel Plate Loaded All In One Home Gym

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Bells of Steel Plate Loaded All In One Home Gym

Unlock hundreds of exercises within a single footprint with the Plate Loaded All In One Home Gym!

NOTE: The barbell and weight plates are shown for demonstration purposes only and are sold separately.

FEATURES • Plate loaded sleeves • 33 height settings • 2:1 pull ratio • Rack attachment compatible • Must be bolted down • Ships unassembled

Benefits of the Plate Loaded All In One Home Gym

    The Plate Loaded All In One Home Gym is the lovechild of a power rack and functional trainer. From barbell lifts to cable machine movements and rehab drills to bodybuilding, this all-in-one-trainer will add HUNDREDS of exercises to your toolbox. The plate-loaded weight horns and 33 height settings mean you can find the right weight and height for everyone — perfect for when your entire family wants in on the action. The customization and versatility of this unit are so good that like Owen Wilson, you’ll be saying “Wow.” with every rep.
    Minus the bar and plates, what you see in the images is what you get, so this plate-loaded all-in-one home gym packs a powerful punch. You get two plate-loaded cable towers (with the rear uprights), a knurled pull-up bar, pair of spotter arms, pair of j-cups, four adjustable handles, and four pairs of plate pegs… take about fully loaded! Toss in your own barbell & plates and you’re ready to squat. And bench. And build the physique of your dreams right in the comfort of your own home 💪🏻
    Ready for us to knock your socks off? Good, ’cause the uprights that the sliding pulley system mounts onto match the dimensions of our Original Series racks. This means that you can mount Bells of Steel rack attachments directly onto the uprights — talk about AMAZING! Pump up your chest with the Y-Dip in between your cable exercises, or mount a belt squat rack attachment to fry your quads. Set your rack attachments high or low, to the front or the sides… the only limit here is your creativity.

Specs - Plate Loaded All In One Home Gym

Brand Bells of Steel
Tubing Size 2.3" x 2.3"
Hole Size 5/8"
Pulley Material Plastic
Upright Material Steel
Pull Ratio 2:1
Machine Type Plate-Loaded
Cable Capacity 250lbs
Warranty Limited Lifetime

IMPORTANT: The Plate Loaded All In One Home Gym MUST be bolted down to ensure the user and equipment’s safety. Mounting hardware is not included, but we recommend Tapcon+ screws.

More AWESOME features on the Plate Loaded All In One Home Gym

Cost-Effective Investment

An ordinary machine at a commercial gym will cost a (very) pretty penny and often has only a few uses. But with this plate-loaded all-in-one trainer, you get a unit capable of hundreds of exercises for roughly the same price. One investment, for a lifetime of training. Not bad, eh?

Make It Your Own

The beauty of this Plate Loaded All In One Home Gym is its customizability. Outfit it with the exact handle attachments you need to build those perfect bicep peaks. And for the circuit training fanatics, you can easily mount a landmine to the feet for some severe calorie roasting 🔥

Made More Affordable

The 8.25″ loadable sleeves result in a more affordable machine. Just slide an equal amount of your own weight plates onto each 48mm diameter sleeve, add the complimentary spring collars, and get back to your workout. But if convenience is your kryptonite, check out our Weight Stack version.

Seriously Stable

Since you’ll be using the front uprights for barbell exercises, this unit MUST be bolted down to avoid the risk of tipping. But once secured to your floor or lifting platform, this bad boy ain’t going anywhere. And with the rack’s 880lb weight capacity, it can even go toe-to-toe with advanced lifters 🏋🏻‍♀️

Package Includes 255lb of Virgin Rubber Grip Plates and a 700 lb Test Olympic Bar.

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