Bells of Steel Reverse Hammer 2.0 – 2 In 1 GHD And Reverse Back Extension

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Bells of Steel Reverse Hammer 2.0 – 2 In 1 GHD And Reverse Back Extension

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The Reverse Hammer is two essential products for your home gym combined into one, at a fraction of the cost (and space) of when you buy those separately. The fusion of the Reverse Back Extension machine and Glute Ham Developer (GHD) is a Bells of Steel original design and was engineered in house.

It is an all-in-one machine that enables athletes to perform any of the movements associated with either machine – glute ham raises, GHD sit-ups, back extensions, and reverse back extensions – with the same piece of equipment. It even includes our best selling belt squat belt to use as the strap.

The B.o.S. Reverse Hammer is easy to set up, simple to adjust, and it saves you a ton of precious floor space by combining two typically huge machines into one. No other single piece of equipment will strengthen and develop your posterior chain like the Reverse Hammer Reverse Back Extension / Glute Ham Developer!

The Bells of Steel Reverse Hammer isn’t the only combination Reverse Back Extension and Glute Ham Developer on the market, but it is the best. It is also one of the most affordable!

Vertically adjustable footplate/foot roller carriage to accommodate users of any height. Diamond-plate platforms for stepping up into the GHD, a removable crotch pad, so the fellas don’t damage the goods, and so much more.

The 2.0 version also includes 2 band pegs for resistance band work, side handles for getting in and out easier, and extra padding over the curved part of the pad for more comfortable reverse back extensions. The footplate has also been made straight up and down instead of on an angle as per the feedback from customers on our 1.0 version.

Benefits of the Glute Ham Developer (GHD)

The GHD is a versatile piece of strength equipment, and an essential tool for developing strength, power, and speed in the posterior chain. While the GHD is useful for a multitude of different movements that strengthen the core and posterior chain, like back extensions and GHD sit-ups, it is most commonly used for the Glute Ham Raise (GHR).

The Glute Ham Raise is an incredibly useful exercise for isolating the hamstrings and the glutes, increasing hypertrophy to these two essential muscle groups. The Glute Ham Raise is also believed to be superior to the leg curl because it works more muscles and puts a greater emphasis on the eccentric component of knee flexion. Increased time under tension, a more complete range of motion, and the ability to add resistance with bands or weight plates make for a very targeted approach to hamstring and glute development that will carry over to your heavy squats, deadlifts, and your explosiveness on the playing field.

It’s not just the hamstrings and glutes that benefit from the GHD and the GHR. The entire posterior chain benefits, including the spinal erectors. This not only improves strength and power in other major lifts and in sports but also helps one to resist injury as well.

Simply put, the GHD is the perfect tool for developing strength and power in the posterior chain, for improving performance on the playing field and in the gym, and for eliminating the risk of stress and injury to the lower back. The GHD can also be safely used by those with pre-existing low back issues who cannot use traditional, deadlift-style exercises to train their posterior chain.


Weight 280lbs
Long 1900mm/74″
Wide 1190mm/47″
Height 1065mm/42″
Strong Steel Tubing 2×3″
Heavy-gauge Steel Yes
Diamond-plate Yes
Anchor Holes Yes
Weight storage pegs Yes

Benefits of the Reverse Back Extension

The Reverse Back Extension is used for one critical accessory exercise; the Reverse Back Extension. The Reverse Back Extension is an excellent movement for the lower back, glutes, and hamstrings because it allows one to train the whole of the posterior chain in a way that is very similar to the deadlift, but without actually loading up the spine. This makes the Reverse Back Extension the perfect movement for athletes with a pre-existing low back issue or those who want to give their lower back a break without missing a training session.

Even for those who do not have an existing injury, the Reverse Back Extension can be an invaluable tool for developing strength, power, and explosiveness in the hamstrings and lower back. The Reverse Back Extension also improves hip extension, which will translate to better performance on the playing field and in the squat, deadlift, snatch, and clean and jerk.

The B.o.S. Reverse Hammer is exceptionally well made for these reasons:

  • High-density foam pads with a durable vinyl casing

  • Quality bearings for a smooth swing

  • Includes high-quality hyper strap that doubles as a belt squat belt

  • Lifetime Warranty on welds and frame*

  • Upholstery, Wheels Grips 90 Day Warranty

The Best of Both Worlds

The Reverse Hammer offers you the best of both worlds when it comes to training and protecting the health of your posterior chain. In one single piece of equipment no bigger than either a standalone Reverse Back Extension or a standalone Glute Ham Developer, you get access to both, and you get both for about the cost of just one of them. If ever there was a machine worth making room for in your gym, it’s the Reverse Hammer GHD/Reverse Back Extension Machine.


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