Kettlebell Kits 4 kg - 40 Kg

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Kettlebell Home Kits

Each Kettlebell Kit comes equipped with your choice of Cast Iron Kettlebell size, X-Light to X-Heavy 5 Pack Mini Bands, & Premium Ab Mat!


Cast Iron Kettlebells

The kettlebell is one of the most versatile strength training tools for all around athletic development. Kettlebell exercises utilize the entire body for virtually every movement pattern, enhancing strength, balance and hand-eye coordination. Kettlebells also strengthens, an often overlooked area, the hips. With a well-developed hip drive, athletes can improve any skill that requires power such as running or jumping.

- Achieve Your Fitness Goals with this Commercial-Quality Kettlebell
- Ideal for Cardiovascular Training
- Low-Impact Workout
- Matte black finish with color rings to identify weight
- Sold individually



This fundamental core training accessory takes you to the next level by allowing complete range of motion by lengthening the spine, necessary for engaging your entire core. All while providing the spine with support preventing injury all while exploring a whole new range of exercises not possible to achieve without the Contoured Abdominal Sit Up Mat.

Mini Band Set with Carrying Bag

What is included:

1 Band of Each Resistance (5 Bands in total)

1 Draw String Carry Bag

Our Mini Bands are made with snap-resistant rubber for added safety and stability throughout a workout.

Perform isometric workouts like monster walks, lateral walks, goblet squats, banded push ups, triceps push-backs and more. Combine two or more Mini Bands for increased difficulty and resistance.

Build total body strength, coordination and balanceSecure to ankles, knees, calves, hips and glutes for lower body conditioningComprehensive all-body exercise toolAvailable in five resistance levelsIdeal for training studios, fitness clubs and home workout spacesUse for strength building or recovery and rehabMade with snap-resistant rubberProduct Dimensions: 10”L x 2” W