Bells of Steel Double Hook Straight Bar

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Bells of Steel  Double Hook Straight Bar

Perform presses, rows, and other barbell-like exercises on your cable towers with the Double Hook Straight Bar!

FEATURES • 47.2″ length • 16.5lb weight • 30mm diameter • Medium knurling • Dual carabiner compatible • 1-year warranty

Amplify your cable towers with barbell-like
exercises using the Double Hook Straight Bar.

Your isolation muscles CRAVE variety, just like a gym bro thirsts for their caffeine-ridden pre-workout drink.

So, give ’em what they want — to simulate barbell exercises on two Cable Towers without having to fork over a few hundred dollars to make it happen

Benefits of the Double Hook Straight Bar

    Clip in the double hook straight bar and you’ll instantly add dozens of barbell-like exercises to your arsenal. From deadlifts to pulldowns and standing presses to rows, you’ll have tons of options — no matter what type of training you prefer. And thanks to the medium-coarse knurling, you’ll have a non-slip grip that’s more locked-in than bare metal — looking at you, Pull-Up Bar Rack Attachment. With its thick 30mm diameter, it’ll feel great in your hands no matter what exercise you’re doing.

    It’s a double hook straight bar, how complicated could it be? You’d be surprised, homie. Poorly designed versions have fully welded eyelet pieces that lack the ability to pivot, so your hands feel like they need to rotate but the bar itself can’t… which feels awkward at best, and at worst can give you joint pain. But, not our double hook straight bar! The independently rotating eyelet pieces allow for smooth, natural movement — without you needing to loosen your grip completely. And you’ll never have to worry about inertia straining your wrists or elbows and causing injury.

    The double hook straight bar was designed to fit across two cable towers with swiveling pulleys that use carabiners to fasten the attachment to the cables. And what’s a bigger buzzkill than missing a new PR attempt? Exactly, a carabiner too small to fit the cable attachment. *Wah wah wah waaaahhh* But don’t sweat it, just swap that lil’ carabiner for a one that’s a teensy bit bigger so that the double hook straight bar can clip into the cable — problem solved.


Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 16.5lbs/7.5kg
Length 47.2"/1200mm
Diameter 30mm
Knurling Medium
Material Steel
Coating Hardened Chrome
Warranty 1-Year

IMPORTANT: Due to its construction, the double hook straight bar is only compatible with machines that have a carabiner on the end of their cable.


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