Dynamax Atlas Medicine Balls

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Dynamax Atlas Medicine Balls

A big medicine ball for strength and power

Our Atlas medicine ball, which is designed to resemble an Atlas Stone for strongman training, begins at 50lb, and goes all the way up to our huge 150lb medicine ball.

Improve your strength and endurance with our Atlas Medicine Ball. The Atlas is a heavy, heavy medicine ball that is designed to be perfect for high-intensity weight training. Think big power movements, not quick and repetitive exercises.

With a weight of up to 150lbs, this large medicine ball provides you with a quality workout that will enhance your training and build muscle. Built for superb strength training, this is the perfect way to add another dimension to your workouts and make them tougher than ever.

Think you can handle a large medicine ball?

For those that can master the Atlas Medicine Ball, you join an elite group known as #BigBallers at Dynamax. However, if you’re not sure how to use your medicine ball, you can see Dynamax's medicine ball training guides for moves that will test your fitness safely.

Take your training up a gear as you ascend the mountain and discover the Atlas Project.

Available in: 50, 75, 100, and 150 lbs.

Why Choose Dynamax?

Dynamax medicine balls were the first balls on the market with enough padding to be used safely at high velocities.

Dynamax was founded by two coaches who identified a gap in the market for specialist exercise balls which were strong enough to withstand high impact workouts but soft enough to not injure your partner whilst training. The Dynamax ball exceeds these requirements and has become the preferred choice for athletes for over 30 years.

All balls are moisture resistant and are made from 70% post-consumer recycled materials. Both design and construction ensure that they will remain dimensionally stable and balanced even after years of use. The Dynamax trade secret and craftsmanship guarantee that each ball, regardless of weight, has a friendly feel and will absorb high-velocity impact, making for a fun and vigorous workout.