Bells of Steel - Fractional Plates – 0.5lb

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Bells of Steel Fractional Plates – 0.5lb

Fractional cast iron plates that fit Olympic barbells, with a guaranteed weight tolerance of +/-16 grams.

Each fractional plate weighs 0.5lbs and are sold in pairs — simply select the number of pairs you want down below.

Fractional Plates — your secret weapon for hitting new personal bests

Listen, buddy — I get it. You never thought that you’d need smaller weight plates than 2.5lbs. After all, change plates cover your bases pretty well already.

But haven’t you wondered why your arm and shoulder strength always lag behind? Sure, these are smaller muscle groups than those in your legs. But their lack of progress mostly boils down to getting pummelled by the same loading scheme used to progress squats and deadlifts, by adding 2.5-5lbs per side.

Instead of forcing 5-10lb jumps on overhead presses and biceps curls, these lifts should be loaded in a more sensible way — by adding weight in smaller increments of 1-4lbs.

Specs Per Plate

Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 0.5lbs/0.23kg
Pounds or Kilograms Pounds
Thickness 0.35"/9mm
Plate Diameter 3.62"/92mm
Centre Hole Diameter 2.05"/52mm
Colour Gray
Material Cast Iron
Finish Semi-Gloss
Coating Hammertone Powder Coat
Weight Tolerance +/-16 Grams
Warranty 5 Years

Outfitting your commercial gym?
Customized plates with your brand’s logo on them are available for bulk orders.
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Benefits of Fractional Weight Plates

Our fractional weight plates are a must-have for your gym, here’s why they deserve your hard-earned cash.

  • More personal records. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced lifter, your lifts will eventually plateau. If adding 2.5lb plates to each side of the bar causes you to fail the lift, you can load a fraction of that instead and continue getting stronger. Plus, a 1lb PR is easier to hit than a 5lb PR — yes, it still counts!

  • Accuracy matters. When you’re adding .5lb to each side, you better believe that accuracy is critical — these fractional iron plates have a guaranteed +/-16g tolerance. If you’re looking for heavier weight plates then be sure to check out our Mighty Grip iron plates.

  • Perfect fit. In an act of desperation, lifters often resort to using washers or magnets to create makeshift 0.5 lb plates. While these technically “work”, they either don’t fit on the sleeve of your barbell or they fall off mid-set. With these 0.5lb fractional plates, they’ll actually fit on the sleeve of your standard barbell and stay on as they should.

  • Easy micro-loading. Adding just 5lbs to your 50lb barbell curl is a whopping 10% weight jump. No wonder smaller muscles lag so far behind! Fractional plates make it easier to load exercises that work smaller muscle groups like your biceps, triceps and shoulders. By micro-loading in 1, 2, 3 or 4lb increments, you get fewer plateaus and more progress.

  • Sleek craftsmanship. Our fractional plates are designed to creatively include the words “Bells of Steel” and our logo, so you can show your support while you lift. Plus, their design helps them double as ninja throwing-stars (just kidding, throwing these plates is not recommended).

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