Bells of Steel Flat / Incline / Decline Weight Bench – Commercial 3.0

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Bells of Steel Flat / Incline / Decline Weight Bench – Commercial 3.0

The Adjustable F.I.D. Weight Bench lets you train all angles of benching.

A high quality, heavy duty and effective weight bench. Separate seat and back adjustments, so you can tune it exactly to your own specs. Flat, incline and decline options allow you to more specifically target muscle groups. Solid steel ladder can be adjusted to 7 different positions ranging from 85 to -20 degrees. Wheels and a handle make it easy to move the weight bench around — saving every morsel of energy for a new PR.

Benefits of the Flat Incline Decline Weight Bench

  • REMOVED U-PLATE: Primarily the U plate was for aesthetics, giving a unique look to your weight bench. However; it was prone to bend when in shipping, making it look worse and having a direct impact on the seat.

  • SIMPLIFIED LEG ATTACHMENT: By far the biggest request was a more simple and clean way for customers who preferred no leg attachment on the weight bench. The leg attachment does still bolt onto the weight bench but is easier to take off and less in the way for those who tuck their feet back when pressing.

  • BOLT-DOWN FEET: Although less common in home gyms, many commercial gyms that purchase this weight bench requested that as an option.

High quality, heavy duty, and versatile weight bench. Effectively 3 weight benches in 1.

FEATURES • Range of +85° to -20°  7 different angle positions  85lbs weight  Black powder coat finish  Sturdy 12-gauge steel  2.5” thick pad  1,000lb capacity


Weight 85lbs / 38.6kg
Total Length 59.5" / 1,510mm
Total Width 26.5" / 670mm
Total Height 17.5" / 450mm
Finish Black Powder Coat
Steel Thickness 12-Gauge/2.6mm
Number of Angle Positions 7
Shipping Box Dimensions 59.1" / 150cm (L) x 15.7" / 40cm (W) x 10.6" / 27cm (H)
Max Capacity 1,000lbs / 454kg

IMPORTANT: Our assembly video is outdated — it shows a previous model that had a wider metal back plate. Our current model has a 6” wide back plate.