Safety Squat Olympic Bar - Pads Included

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The Olympic Squat Bar has been designed to prevent excessive hip flexion and knee stresses when performing squatting movements. In addition to this it provides those athletes with limited chest and shoulder mobility a comfortable alternative to a regular back squat.

Handles at the front of the bar reduce shoulder strain and the design of the Safety Squat Bar allows you to let go completely of the bar and it will stay securely positioned with the load spread comfortably over the 3 pads.

The Olympic Squat Bar is constructed from 30mm solid high tensile steel. This bar will handle over 1000lbs.

In addition to regular squats this bar can also be used for,

- Squat
- Box Squats
- Suspended Squats
- Good Mornings
- Zercher Squats 
- Walking Lunges


Customer Reviews

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Chris Donohue
Safety Bar

Great piece of equipment. Combo front and back squat feel. Sure like it and glad we added it to our gym.