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Stackable Pull Blocks

The Stackable Pull Blocks are an affordable & space-efficient solution for block pulls, deficit deadlifts and more!

With these blocks, you can finally play like a kid again hit a new deadlift PR.

Benefits of the Stackable Pull Blocks

    The stackable pull blocks are excellent for partial deadlifts & cleans. They have teeth on top and grooves below, so they interlock firmly when they’re layered together — keeping them locked in during even your heaviest set. Add multiple blocks to target weak ranges of motion, so you can crush your next PR attempt. Or, stand on 1-2 blocks to hit up some deficit deadlifts. Either way, all you gotta do is stack em’ up and get to work 💪🏻
    Home gym enthusiasts face an impossible decision — more equipment or more floor space? Well, with the stackable pull blocks, you can maximize both! They’re designed to stack neatly on top of each other, taking up less than 2′ x 2′ in your Lifting Paradise. They’re also lightweight at 16 pounds each, so you won’t be out of breath when you disassemble the castle of blocks that your kids made with them.
    These might have been crafted to be pull blocks, but their utility goes wayyyyy beyond that. Use them for step-ups, box jumps, split squats, elevated push-ups, tricep dips, and more! They’re stable and grippy, making them great on nearly any surface. But most of all, they stack easily together, so adjusting the raised surface for multiple users is faster than a walk around the block 😉

Specs Per Stackable Pull Block

Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 16.1lbs/7.3kg
Length 19.09"/485mm
Width 15.43"/392mm
Thickness 1.4"/36mm
Material Rubber
Warranty 1-Year

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