Versaclimber CM Club Climber

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Versaclimber CM Club Climber

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Saskatchewan's Authorized Versaclimber Dealer

The CM (Club Model) VersaClimber was uniquely designed to provide a 50% easier work out–making it ideal for those gym owners or individuals who want to offer a more relaxed approach to training. 50% of the step height was eliminated. Reducing the normal step height from 1-20 inches down to just 1-10 inches, while increasing the upper body range of motion to 1-27 inches–essentially cutting the work load by 50%.

Research proves VersaClimbing for 20 minutes or less, actively engages/tones all the major muscle groups and is more effective and time efficient compared to Treadmills, Ellipticals, Steppers and Bikes.

But don’t be fooled, the CM with its reduced step height, still provides an exceptional full body has been refined and improved for a new generation of health & fitness enthusiasts.

The CM offers a wider range of cardio & strength versatility. From its ability to apply longer arm reach for greater reach and back development to explosive sprint training movements, and every type of cardio training in between to meet your specific training.