Weightlifting Chains

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Weightlifting Chains

Connecting (small) chains slide over the ends of the bar. As you lift, the weight of the chain progressively increases as more and more chain lifts off the floor.  The weight you are lifting progressively becomes heavier, providing maximum muscular stimulation throughout the entire range of motion.

Training with chains creates accommodating resistance that helps promote greater overall explosiveness and power. Toss a set or two over your shoulders and do weighted pull-ups or dips.


1/2" X 5 FT Chain Kit - 30LBS (includes connecting chains and carabiner)

5/2" X 5 FT Chain Kit - 45LBS (includes connecting chains and carabiner)

1/2" Single Chain - 13 LBS

5/8" Single Chain - 20 LBS


Our set includes: two large chains, two small connecting chains with connecting links

available here in 1/2” and 5/8” kits , as well as single pieces without hardware. 

Chain Kits include chains with a carabiner in the centre for easy loading.