Bells of Steel Axle Bars

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Bells of Steel Axle Bars

Add variety and grip training to your workout routine with the Axle Bars!

The Short Axle Bars are compatible with Axle collars.

Olympic bar collars are compatible with the Hollow Axle Bars, axle collars are NOT required.

FEATURES • 46mm shaft diameter • Two bar sizes • No knurling • Black powder coat • Fits Olympic collars • 600lb capacity • Fixed sleeves

Benefits of the Axle Bars

    Whether you’re into grappling sports, arm wresting or just want to build your grip strength, axle bars are a game-changer. Their unique design builds your grip in ways that typical Olympic barbells can’t match. The thicker 46mm diameter is harder to hold onto and the black powder coat offers a light texture but there’s no actual knurling, so your fingers, hands, and forearms are forced to work harder to hold onto them which results in increased grip strength over time. But not only will you build a thicker set of forearms, you’ll be a step closer to unlocking that sweet party trick of tearing a phonebooks in half — just be prepared for SERIOUS forearm pumps in the meantime 💪🏻
    Don’t care for grip training? No biggie. Whether you’re training in your home gym, garage, or outdoors, axle bars can be used for a wide range of exercises to add some spice to your workouts, from deadlifts and squats to presses and rows. They’re offered in two lengths: short (60″) for better portability and long (84″), but only the LONG axle bar fits correctly in a power rack. And unlike an Olympic barbell, the sleeves don’t spin on axle bars which offers an interesting twist on those traditional barbell-based exercises. So even if you’re not training for strongman/strongwoman, you can still benefit from it.
    If you compete in Strongman/Strongwoman, then training with axle bars is a must. Axle bar deadlifts and the continental clean & press seen often in competitions, so training these lifts throughout the year gives you practice that your opponents might not have — giving you the edge come competition time. And if you already enjoy lifting weird and awkward things like kegs, sandbags, and little children large furniture items, then you’ll most certainly enjoy using axle bars. Word of caution though: when you friends see you lifting with an axle bar, you’ll most certainly be recruited to help them move. There’s always a drawback of being strong, eh? 🏠

Specs - Axle Bars

Brand Bells of Steel
Weight - Short Bar 20lbs/9.1kg
Weight - Long Bar 25lbs/11.3kg
Total Length - Short Bar 60"/1524mm
Total Length - Long Bar 84"/2134mm
Loadable Length - Short Bar 8"/203mm
Loadable Length - Long Bar 15.5"/394mm
Shaft Diameter 1.8"/46mm
Sleeve Diameter 1.96"/49.7mm
Knurling No
Coating Black Powder Coat
Weight Capacity 600lbs/272.2kg
Warranty Limited Lifetime

IMPORTANT: Please note that metal-on-metal contact on the sleeves (like loading & unloading weight plates) will cause wearing of the finish over time. Regular Olympic collars will work on this specialty bar, axle collars are NOT required.

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