Bells of Steel Cable Tower with 210lb Weight Stack

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Bells of Steel Cable Tower With Weight Stack

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Add hundreds of exercises to your arsenal with
the versatile and space-efficient Cable Tower.

Can’t picture yourself doing ONLY barbell exercises for the rest of your life?
Before you give it up and settle for a life of mediocre fitness, you gotta check out this unit.

With just one Cable Tower, you can weave in hundreds of cable machine exercises into your fitness routine and easily switch from one to another.

Benefits of the Cable Tower

    With its hefty 210lb weight stack, 33 height settings for the pulleys (or rack attachments) and fitting in a footprint less than 2.5′ x 2.5′, the Cable Tower with Weight Stacks is the multi-tool of gym machines. From heavy pulldowns and rows to glute kickbacks to biceps curls, it will add HUNDREDS of exercises to your toolbox. And like Owen Wilson, you’ll be saying “Wow.” with every rep.

    Ready for us to knock your socks off? Good, cause the guide rod upright that the handles slide on matches the dimensions of our power racks, so you can mount Bells of Steel rack attachments directly onto it — talk about AMAZING! Pump up your chest with the Y-Dip in between your cable exercises, or mount a belt squat rack attachment to fry your quads. Set your rack attachments high or low, to the front or the sides… the only limit here is your creativity.

    If you love the modular concept but crave some more stability, then select the cable tower version with the rear upright. Like a sober friend at 3am, the additional upright will add some extra support while giving even more rack attachment configurations. You can mount plate pegs to store some weight plates or even a barbell holder to save that precious floor space.

    Typically, home gyms are at the mercy of lacking machines. And it’s no surprise when even a budget functional trainer can cost up to $2,000. The Cable Tower with Weight Stack breaks the mold as an affordable and space-efficient cable machine. But if you’re seriously strapped for cash and already have Olympic weight plates, the Pulley Tower might be right up your alley.

Specs Per Tower

Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 324lbs/147kg
Length (Depth) 25.1"/638mm
Width 28.5"/724mm
Height 80.9"/2,055mm
Pull Ratio 2:1
Pulley Material Aluminum
Machine Material Steel
Machine Type Pin-Loaded Stack
Cable Capacity 250lbs
Warranty Limited Lifetime

IMPORTANT: If purchased with the back attachment post: the loading pin is useable, but it will rub against the cables slightly when mounted. Due to their small footprint and tall height, each tower MUST be bolted down to ensure the user and equipment’s safety. Mounting hardware is not included — we recommend Tapcon+ screws.

More awesome features on the Cable Tower.

Fits Most Racks

Each cable tower has universal slot brackets at the top and bottom. With the 5.75″ open slot in the middle, they’re long enough to be able to accommodate the hole spacing of most power racks that are at least 76″ tall.

Adjustable Handles

Each handle has 5 rings to give you different length options. Need to be close to the pulleys or have a little more space from the machine? Not a problem, just fasten the carabiner to a ring with the length you need.

Bolts Into Floor or Wall

If you’re in a real pickle for floor space, just use the universal slot brackets and bolt each cable tower directly into a wall stud. But if you’d rather, know that you can always bolt it down into the floor, too.

210lb Weight Stack

Nothing beats the ease of a pin-loaded machine. Whether you’d prefer to max out the machine with heavy pulldowns or seated rows, the choice is yours — just slide in the selector pin and get back to your workout.

Shipping Dimensions

10" x 4" x 6" - 50lbs

10" x 4" x 6" - 50lbs

10" x 4" x 6" - 50lbs

10" x 4" x 6" - 50lbs

32" x 13" x 7" - 64lbs

78" x 7" x 4" - 59lbs

78" x 7" x3" - 20lbs (additional upright)

Customer Reviews

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Grace McDonald
Perfect addition to a home gym

I have a small space for a home gym and while I felt like I can do most of the things at home that I can do in a gym, I was always missing a cable machine. I had previously had a weight plate style very cheap pulley attachment that I had used on a rack. It was cumbersome so I found myself not being inclined to incorporate it into my program. I knew I wanted a weight stack cable tower and it needed to be compact and good quality. After a tone of research and reading and watching reviews I decided on this one. In addition to meeting all of my requirements, I really liked that it was a modular component that I could expand it in the future - add another stack, add rack attachments etc. I like keeping future options open while building home gyms. Assembly was not bad at all, easier than I thought (but look for a youtube video to keep you on track). So far the system works great and I'm very happy with the purchase.