Bells of Steel Calibrated Powerlifting Plates (KG)

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Bells of Steel Calibrated Powerlifting Plates (KG)


Competition-quality calibrated plates that are accurate to within +/- 10 grams of claimed weight, at an excellent price.

All sets include as many 25 kg’s as you choose, and one pair each of 20, 15, 10, 5, 2.5, 1.25, 0.5 and 0.25 kg plates.

FEATURES • Machined steel • Weight tolerance +/- 10g • Colour-coded • 50.4mm center hole • Weights in KG • Sold in pairs & sets

Exceptionally accurate calibrated plates, without the ridiculous price tag.

Powerlifting contests are done using calibrated plates, yet most commercial gyms use generic plates

that are notorious for being inaccurate — sometimes, up to 10% off their claimed weight *GASP!*

 And to land the podium in the big leagues, you need your training plates to weigh EXACTLY what they say they are, not plus or minus, well…. anything!

Bells of Steel calibrated plates are certified for accuracy by the Canadian Government

Calibrated Plates Wheight Certification Page 1
Calibrated Plates Wheight Certification Page 2

Benefits of Calibrated Plates

    Regular weight plates can be up to +/-10% from the claimed weight, which throws a lil’ bit of a curveball in your plans if you compete in powerlifting. I mean, it’s a sport where literally every pound matters. Off by half a pound on your best deadlift because your inaccurate plates gave you false expectations? It could cost you a podium finish. With our calibrated plates, you’ll know EXACTLY how much you’re lifting in training, so you’ll know your record-breaking attempts are right on the money.


    These calibrated plates are made to match IPF specs for calibrated weight, dimensions and colours, but they are NOT certified by the IPF. And because of that, they’re not approved for IPF-affiliated powerlifting meets. Everywhere else though, is fair game — the warmup room at powerlifting meets, commercial gyms, and your home gym, too! So, they’re every bit as accurate and precise as the approved version but they’re also more affordable.


    Calibrated plates are the powerlifting behemoth’s dream come true. The heaviest of the set (25kg) is only 28.5mm thick, which is barely over 1-inch. And when compared to our slim Machined Plates, our calibrated plates are 20% thinner, making them 30% thinner than the industry standard — talk about thin! Oh and don’t worry… your up-and-coming 1,000lb deadlift will fit on a powerlifting bar without a single issue 😉


    If you’ve ever pulled your 1 rep max with pound plates AND with calibrated plates, you know that the two aren’t quite the same. Calibrated plates are thinner and don’t extend so far on the sleeves of the bar, so there’s less flex in the barbell which makes the pull noticeably harder. Which is maybe something important to test out before you try to hit a personal record on your final pull? It might seem minor but if you train like you compete, you’ll be a step ahead of your competitors. To learn more, check out What Are Calibrated Plates.


Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 0.5 - 25kg
Thickness Varies
Plate Diameter Varies
Hole Diameter 1.98"/50.4mm
Colour Varies
Coating Powder Coat
Material Machined Iron
Tolerance +/- 10g
Warranty Limited Lifetime

IMPORTANT: These calibrated plates have a precision-cut 50.4mm centre hole, so the sleeves of non-Olympic barbells might not fit if they’re out of spec.

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