Bells of Steel Deadlift Jack 2.0

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Bells of Steel Deadlift Jack 2.0

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Save your back (and your bar) with the Deadlift Jack 2.0! Heavy-duty nylon rollers for easier bar centering with protective UHMW.

FEATURES • Minimize back strain • Durable nylon rollers • Protective UHMW lining • 800lb capacity • 42″ width • 23.37lb weight • Black powder coat • Ships disassembled

Benefits of the Deadlift Jack

A deadlift jack holds your bar off the ground, similar to a barbell racked across the j-cups of a power rack. This gives enough space between the plates and your floor, so weight changes are a breeze. Using the deadlift jack is super simple. Just line up the jack’s protective cups with a loaded barbell, pull backward on the handle to scoop the bar up, and then slide your plates on or off. When the bar is loaded, push the handle forward under control until the bar returns to the floor. See? It’s easy peasy. Deadlifts, on the other hand, are still as hard as ever. But c’mon, we can’t do ALL the heavy lifting around here 🙄

The worst part about deadlifting isn’t the actual deadlift; it’s that dreaded low-back fatigue from loading your weight plates. Instead of recovering between sets, your lower back is burning from the extra workout of bending over and partially lifting up the plates to slide them on your barbell… no wonder your deadlift has stalled! With this deadlift jack, you can skip the tiring plate-loading altogether. And whether you’re deadlifting 80lbs or 800lbs, you can save every morsel of energy for where it counts — hitting that new PR 😎

The 2.0 version of our deadlift jack includes thick, reinforced center bolts for the handle’s base, but the most notable new feature is the easier bar centering. We supercharged the cups with extra-strong nylon rollers, which allow you to re-center your barbell wayyyyy easier than a non-roller deadlift jack. Just push the plates from one side of the bar to shimmy it in the other direction — order is restored! Need a more lightweight solution for your deadlifting needs? Check out the Meat-Hook Deadlift Jack.

Specs - Deadlift Jack

Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 23.37lbs/10.6kg
Total Depth 20.75"/527mm
Total Width 42"/1,067mm
Total Height 37.25"/946mm
Distance Between Cups 39.5"/1,003mm
Handle Length 32.5"/826mm
Roller Material Heavy-Duty Nylon
Cup Lining UHMW
Static Capacity 800lbs/362.3kg
Coating Black Powder Coat
Warranty Limited Lifetime

IMPORTANT: Wear and tear on the nylon rollers and the protective lining is expected over time. Coarse knurling will accelerate this process.


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