Bells of Steel Dreadmill [Pre-Sale End of July]

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Bells of Steel Dreadmill

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Train like a Strongman, line-backer, and professional grocery bag carrier with The Dreadmill!

This 3-in-1 cardio machine is a farmer walk, sled push, and manual incline treadmill.

Benefits of The Dreadmill

    Unlike most cardio equipment, The Dreadmill is a lean, hyper-versatile, dream dread machine. The treadmill component is an incline treadmill for walking, jogging, or sprinting. However, switching to a sled push like the Blitz Magnetic Resistance Manual Treadmill is easy when you’re ready to crank up the intensity. Or, use the built-in farmer carry handles to train for the most epic grocery haul of your life. Best of all, you can get up to speed with all The Dreadmill’s utility in a single workout. Sorry, Wooden Manual Treadmill — there’s barely any learning curve here.
    Don’t have a 50ft strip of artificial turf grass for sled pushes? Can’t fathom 381 laps of your home gym for farmer walks? With The Dreadmill, these impracticalities vanish. Simulating a sled push is as simple as leaning into the shoulder pads and fine-tuning the magnetic resistance lever. Keep it short and sweet for HIIT or long and slow for a brutally effective endurance workout. For farmer walks, load each arm with up to 75kg of weight plates, pick ‘em up, and go! So instead of wasting time on the logistics, you can just focus on working out 💪
    Whether you used to compete in Strongman or contact sports, or you simply aspire to reach athletic greatness (that’s us), The Dreamill is your one-stop-shop for training like you’re in the big leagues. With the farmer handles, you can experience hauling heavy objects like a pro Strongman and get hands-on practice protecting your quarterback using the sled push implement. All that’s left is to reach the mountain top with the highest incline level… maybe your glory days aren’t over? 🤩

Specs - The Dreadmill

Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 200.62lbs/91kg
Length 61.69"/1,567mm
Width 57.95"/1,472mm
Height 52.05"/1,322mm
Weight Horn Loadable Length 5.98"/152mm
Max User Capacity 286.6lbs/130kg
Max Weight Horn Capacity 165.35lbs/75kg
Coating Black Powder Coat
Warranty Frame - Limited Lifetime
Parts - 1 Year

More AWESOME features on The Dreadmill

Smooth Magnetic Resistance

Applying resistance is easy and smooth thanks to the magnetic resistance lever. Keep it low and light, or crank up the intensity for serious athletic gainzzz. And unlike fan-based cardio equipment, the resistance of this is nearly whisper-quiet.

Surprisingly Portable

Despite its name, you won’t be engulfed in fear if you ever have to move it. Simply lift from the front stabilizer bar to engage the rear wheels and claim a new home base. Being self-powered, you’re free to roam away from outlets, too.

Low Maintenance

As a (partial) manual treadmill, The Dreadmill requires very little maintenance aside from the occasional dusting and belt lubricating — don’t mind the jealous looks from your motorized-machine-owning friends.

Endurance Cardio, Too

We know HIIT is all the rage, but don’t feel forced to use the farmer walk & sled push capabilities 24/7. With three manually adjustable levels of incline walking, The Dreadmill is also an excellent tool for low-intensity, zone 2 training.

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