Fixed Barbells - Straight

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Fixed Barbells - Straight

Skip the loading and get straight to the lifting with the Fixed Straight Barbells!

FEATURES • Preset barbells • Standard diameter • 20-110lb range • Light knurling • Straight design

Skip the loading and get straight to the lifting.

With the Fixed Straight Barbells, you (or your clients) can enjoy unmatched convenience and time savings.

Benefits of the Fixed Straight Barbells

    Whether you own a lavish home gym or an expansive training facility, fixed straight barbells are the pinnacle of convenience. These bad boys come in 10 preset weight increments, so you can quickly grab the perfect weight for your workout without doing any plate math to save yourself time and mental energy. And with an entire 20-110lb set, you can permanently kiss the chore of fumbling with weight plates goodbye — plus, the biggest home-gym-flex is unparalleled convenience 💪🏻
    Like your unwavering commitment to your fitness, the Fixed Straight Barbells are built to withstand the test of time. Thanks to their durable finish, these preset beauties resist rust around the clock to stay in prime condition for the long haul. And unlike low-quality alternatives that have hollow cores, the shafts of these fixed bars are solid steel cores. So, go ahead and sweat it out, push your limits, and leave your worries about maintenance behind!
    The Fixed Straight Barbells are designed to feel like an extension of your own hands. The standard diameter of the bar shaft is just the right size, so you can focus on achieving that glorious pump instead of aching hands. They feature an iconic straight bar design and light knurling that’s perfect for those classic barbell exercises. And thanks to those six sets of smooth ring markings strategically, you’ll enjoy consistent hand placement with each and every set. It’s almost like having a barbell that reads your mind and knows exactly where you need a hand 😉

Specs - Fixed Straight Barbells

Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 20-110lbs
Increments 10lbs
Knurling Light
Warranty Limited Lifetime

Looking for an entire set?

Cut the clutter with the Fixed Barbell Rack.

Like a new parent, the Fixed Barbell Rack will have you showing off your children fixed bars with pride.

Benefits of the Fixed Barbell Rack

    Say goodbye to the days of tripping over scattered barbells and searching for the right weight. The Fixed Barbell Rack brings order to the chaos, providing a designated home for up to 10 of your fixed barbells. Whether you like lifting fixed straight bars or fixed curved barbells, this fixed barbell rack keeps them neatly organized and easily accessible, with plastic lining to protect that precious knurling. Keep your gym tidy and efficient (and stubbed-toe-free) with this gym storage solution 🏆
    Real talk — nothing says amateur-hour than a set of barbells scattered across the floor. Designed with professionalism in mind, this fixed barbell rack allows you to maximize your floor space while displaying your gym equipment with pride. Whether you have a small home gym or a bustling commercial facility, this unit is the perfect companion to optimize your space and create a more seamless workout environment. So c’mon, it’s time to level up your facility’s aesthetics and make every inch of your gym count.
    The fixed barbell rack doesn’t discriminate between brands. This means that even if your fixed bars don’t say “Bells of Steel” on them (don’t worry, we forgive you), there’s still a chance that they’ll fit on this unit. The storage hooks are 35.5″ apart, so non-Bells of Steel fixed barbells will also fit as long as the shaft of your bars is at least 36″ long. Just like our Hydra power racks, we’re all about that open eco-system 🌎


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