Bells of Steel Folding Wall Mount Power Rack – Narrow

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Bells of Steel Folding Wall Mount Power Rack – Narrow

If you’re tight on space in your garage gym the wall mounted folding squat rack is your ideal solution! Easily attaches to the wall and folds inwards as needed.

The Folding Wall Mount Power Rack Is Perfect For Garage Gyms With Limited Space

I get it, your garage is TECHNICALLY for your car. But you know what’s better than a car garage? A garage GYM! Have the best of both worlds with this wall mounted folding squat rack.

A simple hinge and pin system allows you to quickly remove the pull-up bar after a workout, then fold the sides of the squat rack inwards against the wall to open up a massive amount of space. The bare steel pull up bar is ideal for kipping pull-ups as it offers a superior grip to powder coated finishes and less prone to tears.

Superior 1” spacing through the bench and pull zone, and 2” spacing above and below allow you to select the perfect height for your jcups, for precision lift offs that can make the difference between a good rep and a superb rep.

A large selection of accessories are available to add versatility and excitement to your workouts, such as lever arms and/or a monolift. Check out our rack attachments.


J-Cups Included Triple padded J-Cups come standard.
Colour Black powder coat paint.
Weight Capacity 600lbs / 272kg Static
Details Laser-cut numbers on the uprights.
Assembled Dimensions 22 L x 47 W x 91 H inches 73lbs.
Shipping Box Dimensions 70 x 10 x 5 inches 73lbs.
Tubing 12 gauge 2.3 x 2.3”/60 x 60 mm 2mm
Holes 5/8” holes with 1″spacing through the bench & pull zone, 2” spacing above

IMPORTANT: A 2” x 10” stringer (not included) must be tied into a minimum of 4 studs. – It is NOT recommended installing the Fold Back Rack on a wood, drywall, or metal stud wall without a stringer or additional support.

Warranty: Lifetime on structural welds and frame

Why would you choose a folding wall mounted squat rack instead of a power rack?

You’re tight on space Therefore, need something compact.

You do kipping pull-ups and you need an awesome, high pull-up bar that will reduce hand tears.


Power Rack
in action.

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