Bells of Steel Hanging Barbell Holders

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Bells of Steel Hanging Barbell Holders

Display and protect your barbells like the priceless masterpieces they are.

Welcome to the Metabolic Museum of Art. The Strengthsonian. The… you know what? You create one. We’re sick of doing all the heavy lifting around here.

Benefits of Hanging Barbell Holders

    You wouldn’t leave the Mona Lisa leaning against the wall, would you? And while your barbells likely didn’t cost millions, those bad boys don’t come cheap. Yes, this is coming from the makers of the Best Budget Powerlifting Bar, but it’s still an investment of your hard-earned money. This durable steel barbell holder will keep your barbells safely stored and readily accessible for the next time you channel your inner Lift-onardo DaVinci.
    Ready to elevate your lifting game? Literally? This rack-mountable Hanging Barbell Holder is designed for small home gyms to help you maximize your space (and your gainz). Customize your creation with a 1, 3, or 5 barbell holder. Need more space? Mix and match! While we love our 3 Barbell Wall Rack, dedicating 8-9 feet of wall space to storage is a big ask. Space-efficient vertical storage, on the other hand? Now, that’s art.
    You know how some pieces of art go for millions just because they’re from a famous artist? It’s the same with modern branding. The thing is, you shouldn’t have to spend extra on a storage solution. This Hanging Barbell Holder offers great value at a reasonable price, so you can save the big bucks for new gym gear *winks at Arch Nemesis Bar*. Oh, and if your lifting gallery is curated by another brand, fear not: this upgrade is compatible with Non-B.o.S brands that use true 3″ x 3″ uprights and 5/8″ holes.


Brand Bells of Steel
Width 3"/75mm • 8.5"/215mm • 16.9"/430mm
Height 7.1"/180mm • 7.1"/180mm • 3.9"/100mm
Depth 4.1"/105mm • 3.5"/90mm • 3.9"/100mm
Material Steel
Color Black
Coating Powder Coat
Warranty Limited Lifetime

IMPORTANT: Fits racks with true 3″ x 3″ tubing & 5/8″ holes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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