Bells of Steel - Meat Hook Deadlift Jack

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Bells of Steel Meat Hook Deadlift Jack

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The Meat Hook Deadlift Jack is a compact & lightweight mini-deadlift jack that saves your back during weight plate changes.

FEATURES • Easy plate changes • 26″ length • 3.7lbs weight • Wood construction • Fits up to 34mm bars • 11.75″ long handle • 500lb weight capacity • Ships assembled

Get (even more) jack'd with the Meat Hook Deadlift Jack.

Wow, what a cleaver name! Okay, okay. We’ll see ourselves out now.

Benefits of the Meat Hook Deadlift Jack

    The worst part about deadlifting is when that dreaded low back fatigue from loading your weight plates stops you from putting more on the bar — limiting your strength gains. But with this mini-deadlift jack, you can spare your back and save it for when it really counts — when you’re actually deadlifting! This bad boy is suitable to hold up to 500lbs so unless you’re deadlifting 1,000+ pounds, this training accessory will fit the bill.
    Unlike the heavy-duty Deadlift Jack, this meat hook deadlift jack is lightweight and portable. Made entirely from wood, it weighs in at a slender 3.7lbs. It might not fit in your gym bag, unless you carry a suitcase to your workouts, but you’ll definitely catch some serious lifter vibes if you walk into the gym with it slung over your shoulder. And when the zombie-apocalypse happens, you’ll already have your main character weapon 🪓
    “bUt WhY NoT jUsT uSe A cHaNgE pLaTe?!” Listen, we all love home gym hacks. Some use their small iron plates as deadlift wedges, others love maintaining the pristine look of their Urethane Change Plates. It’s YOUR home gym, so it’s YOUR rules. All we’re saying is the extra-wide 2.5″ bottom means the Meat Hook Deadlift Jack is extra sturdy, so you can continue taking your sweet time looking at memes loading your barbell between sets 😉

Specs - Meat Hook Deadlift Jack

Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 3.7lbs/1.68kg
Total Length 26"/660mm
Total Width 2.5"/64mm
Total Depth 6"/152mm
Handle Length 11.75"/298mm
Groove Diameter 1.375"/35mm
Jack Material Wood
Weight Capacity 500lbs/226.8kg
Warranty 1-Year

IMPORTANT: The Meat Hook Deadlift Jack can only fit barbells with up to 34mm diameters. Please note that as a wooden product, the groove will experience wear & tear over time.

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