Bells of Steel Plate Loaded All-In-One Trainer (Ships June 15th,2024)

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Bells of Steel Plate Loaded All-In-One Trainer 

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Unlock hundreds of cable and barbell exercises within a single footprint with the Plate Loaded All-in-One Trainer!

Combines a functional trainer’s cable versatility with a squat stand’s barbell functionality in a space-conscious footprint.

FEATURES • Plate-loaded weight horns • Smooth aluminum pulleys • Pulldowns & low rows • Rack attachment compatible • Black powder coat • Must be bolted down • Ships unassembled

Benefits of the Plate Loaded All-in-One Trainer

    Home gym short on space? Wallet short on moolah? We can relate, so we made this all-in-one trainer. The functional trainer portion places a full fleet of cable exercises at your command: tricep pushdowns, bicep cable curls, and more, including the most beloved cable exercise ever… cable flies! We even put our own spin on the squat stand aspect by making the guide rod uprights front-facing. This gives them the same functionality as uprights on a traditional squat stand. From back squats to bench presses, barbell lifts are within your grasp using the same unit — all you need is a pair of j-cups & barbell. Powerlift and bodybuild from a single machine. Dreams really do come true 😍 
    We knew that two cables weren’t enough, so we added a few juicy extras for beastly back training in the middle of this unit. The pull-up bar offers wide, regular, and neutral chin-up variations, and the lightly textured powder coating gives enough grip without chewing your hands up. You’ll find an additional high-low cable in the center; you can do heavy seated rows, then annihilate your back with lat pulldowns. Two adjustable handles, and a short & long bar are included by default, but if you want to upgrade your cable experience, the double d handle and lat pulldown bar are solid choices 👍
    Just like the Plate Loaded All-In-One Home Gym, these guide rod uprights also match the dimensions of our Original Series racks. This means that you can mount 2.3” x 2.3” (60mm x 60mm) rack attachments with ⅝” holes directly onto the uprights — talk about AMAZING! Mount a Y-Dip Attachment on the center upright for a wicked chest pump, or attach a belt squat rack attachment to fry your quads. Set your rack attachments high or low, to the front or the sides… the only limit here is your creativity 🎨

Specs - Plate Loaded All-in-One Trainer

Brand Bells of Steel
Tubing Size 2.3" x 2.3"
Hole Size 5/8"
Pulley Material Aluminum
Upright Material Steel
Machine Type Plate Loaded
Warranty Limited Lifetime

IMPORTANT: The Plate Loaded All-In-One Trainer MUST be bolted down to ensure the user and equipment’s safety. Mounting hardware is not included, but we recommend Tapcon+ screws.

More AWESOME features on the Plate Loaded All-In-One Trainer

Space-Saving Design

So, you want the versatility of a functional trainer without actually buying a standalone functional trainer? You’ve come to the right place. The x-style frame makes this unit an efficient use of floor space in the corner of your home gym. Or along a wall. Or in your dining room, because who needs a kitchen table, anyways? 😜

More Affordable

2-in-1 machines are all the rage these days; you get double the functionality in a single unit, and with the cost-saving plate-loaded style, you save hundreds of dollars.  This means your partner won’t send you an eviction notice after seeing another strength training machine enter your home… Bells of Steel: saving relationships, one machine at a time. (It’s okay, you can thank us later).

Extra-Convenient Storage

Keeping a busy combo unit like this organized can take some magic, but we’ve made it easy. You’ll find two vertical plate pegs at the front for accessible weight plates and added stability. The storage hooks for the lat pulldown bar avoid brain cell loss *BONK* and there are also three storage hooks on the back of each upper side beam for keeping your cable attachments neatly tucked away. Mischief, managed. 🧙‍♂️

Ultra-Smooth Aluminum Pulleys

Like the Weight Stack Cable Tower, this all-in-one trainer version features ultra-smooth aluminum pulleys. They offer a more professional aesthetic, and they’ll easily outlast nylon/plastic pulleys because aluminum is a more robust material. Best of all, they give a velvety-smooth glide on every rep so that you can bring that commercial gym experience home 🏆

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