Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Functional Trainer

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Plate Loaded Functional Trainer

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Add hundreds of cable exercises to your home gym workouts with the Plate Loaded Functional Trainer!

Functional training, sport-specific drills, and bodybuilding exercises — all at your fingertips.

FEATURES • Plate-loaded weight horns • 56″ x 32″ footprint • Two single d-handles included • 2:1 pull ratio • 250lb cable capacity • Smooth aluminum pulleys • Multi-grip pull-up bar • Storage hooks • Black powder coat • Ships unassembled

Benefits of the Plate Loaded Functional Trainer

    Cable machines are all the rage lately and for good reason, they rival the versatility of a power rack but for cable-based movements. Case in point: this unit’s 16 handle height positions offer huge exercise variety and customization for your proportions. Set them low with an ankle strap for glute isolations, mid-way with the included d-handles for chest flies, or up high for tricep rope pushdowns. You can even mimic barbell exercises like squats and deadlifts using a double-hook straight bar! Whether you’re carefully rehabbing an injury, training sport-specific drills, or just chasing the pump, it’s clear that the Plate Loaded Functional Trainer packs a serious punch 👊

    Despite their power, strength training machines are notorious for being on the pricey side. But at roughly half the cost of the selectorized/weight stack version, this Plate Loaded Functional Trainer is the happy medium you’ve been longing for. Just slide your weight plates onto the 8.25-inch loadable sleeves and pump those 45s on the bigger lifts, or microplates for the itty-bitty muscles. Its 81-inch height means you’ll have plenty of overhead room for chin-ups in rooms with standard nine-foot ceilings. However, this unit will even fit in a compact basement with a 7-foot ceiling — Goldilocks would be SO proud 🐻

    Don’t judge a book by its cover, this budget-friendly machine has some luxurious upgrades. The four storage pegs keep your cable attachments off the floor and an arm’s reach away. Plus, it has rubber foot covers to improve stability and encourage it to sit flat even if your home gym‘s floor is a little slanted. And like the Weight Stack Functional Trainer, it features ultra-smooth aluminum pulleys that’ll outlast the nylon/plastic version. Best of all, you get a professional aesthetic and velvety-smooth glide on every rep 🏆

Specs - Plate Loaded Functional Trainer

Brand Bells of Steel
Total Depth 32"/813mm
Total Width 56"/1,422mm
Total Height 81"/2,057mm
Pull Ratio 2:1
Handle Height Positions 16
Weight Horn Loadable Length 8.25"/210mm
Weight Horn Diameter 2.01"/50mm
Pulley Material Aluminum
Machine Type Plate-Loaded
Cable Capacity 250lbs/113.4kg
Coating Black Powder Coat
Warranty Limited Lifetime

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