Bells of Steel Residential Air Bike

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Bells of Steel Residential Air Bike 

NOTE: Please allow 1-2 weeks for item to arrive

Channel your hatred for cardio in the healthiest way — with the Residential Air Bike! Home gym quality air bike at an economical price.

FEATURES • Belt driven • Large comfy seat • Phone & water bottle holder • 108lb weight • 20” diameter fan • 297.6lb capacity • 5kHz frequency compatible • Ships unassembled

Benefits of the Residential Air Bike

    With the Residential Air Bike, you can say farewell to joint woes and hello to smooth sailing. This cardio equipment piece is perfect for low-impact cardio, whether you’re doing brutal HIIT workouts or active recovery sessions. Since it’s a non-weight-bearing activity, it can almost always be done despite injuries and/or soreness — this a blessing and a curse, since now there’s no excuse to skip your cardio. And guess what? It has such a low impact that even seniors can unleash their inner beasts without worrying about joint stress. Plus, it’ll give your grandmother more reason to come over and visit 👵🏻
    The Residential Air Bike is a more lightweight & economical version of the Blitz Air Bike. It’s built with many of the same components, such as the comfy oversized seat and the versatile console, but in a scaled-down model with a slightly shorter frame to make it lighter and easier to move. The smaller fan also results in an easier resistance when compared to its older sibling. But it still flexes that low-maintenance, belt-driven system for a touch of smoothness to your pedal strokes. It’s so smooth, you’ll feel like you’re pedaling through the air because, well, you technically are 💨
    This beast is the secret ingredient to high-intensity interval training, the recipe for a serious calorie meltdown. As you pedal, the fan pushes through the air to create the resistance. And so, the faster you pedal, the harder your workout. If casual endurance sessions are more your jam, you might prefer a BikeErg… But if you’re ready for workout sessions that will make you question your life choices (in a good way), then the Residential Air Bike is here to help you shed pounds and unleash your inner sweaty superhero 🦸‍♂️

Specs - Residential Air Bike

Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 108lbs/49kg
Depth 49.7"/1262mm
Width 24"/610mm
Height 50.7"/1288mm
Fan Diameter 20"/508mm
Coating Black Powder Coat
Weight Capacity 297.6lbs/135kg
Warranty 1-Year

IMPORTANT: The Residential Air Bike is designed for home gym use. For a commercial-gym quality air bike, check out the Blitz Air Bike.

More AWESOME features on the Residential Air Bike

Bottle & Phone Holder

Included with every Res air bike, the bottle holder makes it easy to stay hydrated during your endurance rides. And thanks to the raised edge of the console, you can watch your favorite TV shows hands-free from your smartphone — any distraction from the (dis)pleasure of a HIIT workout is appreciated 💯

Metric Tracking

The console on this residential air bike will satisfy any basic data nerd. It tracks RPM, speed, interval times, distance, calories, watts, and heart rate. It’s compatible with heart rate devices that use analog 5kHz frequency. Unfortunately, the console is not compatible with ANT+ or Bluetooth devices 📶

Easy To Move

Let’s be honest… when you have a home gym, your Lifting Paradise is NEVER truly finished. So, having moveable cardio equipment is essential — for when you’ve changed your mind for the millionth time. And the Residential Air Bike makes it easy. Just lift up the back until the front wheels kick in and wheel ‘er away ✌🏻

Quieter, Smoother Ride

Instead of using a link chain like most cheap fan bikes, our Residential Air Bike features a heavy-duty rubber belt. Like those used in cars, belts require less maintenance and fewer adjustments over time. Plus, they’re quieter and smoother than a chain… taking you from “I HATE THIS!” to “I just really dislike this.” 🙄

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