Bells of Steel Wooden Residential Manual Treadmill

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PRESALE - Bells of Steel Wooden Residential Manual Treadmill 

Ditch the outlet and BECOME the power with the Residential Manual Treadmill!

This smooth, self-powered treadmill offers a modern aesthetic — without the maintenance needs of a motorized treadmill.

FEATURES • Ideal for walking/jogging • 8.4 curve angle • High-strength nylon slats • 112 precision ball-bearings • 209.4lb weight • Black powder coat • Ships unassembled

Benefits of the Residential Manual Treadmill

    Life is busy and with so little time to exercise, you need to make your minutes count. This is partly why running on a curved manual treadmill is so popular; it requires a 37% greater oxygen uptake and 22% higher heart rate compared to running on a track or a motorized treadmill at the same velocity¹. This means whether you prefer walking or jogging, your heart (and your waistline) will thank you. This also means you don’t have to resort to soul-crushing HIIT workouts on a Blitz Air Bike — you’re welcome 😉
    Have you seen electricity costs lately? They’re shocking. But with a manual treadmill, no power is no problem! Unlike a motorized treadmill, this type of manual cardio machine uses ZERO electricity (besides the battery-powered console) because it’s self-propelled. The curved design, smooth ball bearings, and your forward locomotion are what turn the belt, instead of a costly motor and electrical parts that’ll eventually need replacing. Plus, it’s practically maintenance-free: other than an occasional dusting, there’s no belt-tightening or lubricating needed! The result is a more affordable treadmill, so you can keep your budget running at full power ⚡
    For light to moderate cardio, the Residential Manual Treadmill excels. Its 8.4-degree curve with 112 ball bearings offers an ultra-smooth glide, and the high-strength nylon slats absorb impact to protect your joints. Although it technically has no speed limit (it’s a manual treadmill, after all), we don’t recommend intense running or all-out sprints on this unit. The 47″ x 17.3″ running deck and 4-inch wide foot rails are smaller than an average treadmill, making this manual treadmill more suitable for walking and jogging — especially if you’re tall. 

Specs - Residential Manual Treadmill

Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 209.44lbs/95kg
Total Length 55.75"/1,416mm
Total Width 31.5"/800mm
Total Height 61"/1,549mm
Running Deck Length 47"/1,194mm
Running Deck Width 17.3"/439mm
Curve Angle 8.4°
Steel Coating Black Powder Coat
Slat Material High-Strength Nylon
Console Connectivity 5kHz Frequency
Max Weight Capacity 396.8lbs/180kg
Warranty on Frame 5 Years
Warranty on Parts 2 Years

IMPORTANT: The Residential Manual Treadmill’s shipping box is large and heavy, so it can only ship by freight. Consider recruiting a friend to help you bring it into your home.

More AMAZING Features on the Residential Manual Treadmill

Gorgeous Aesthetic

This manual treadmill makes for a great centrepiece in your home gym. Its natural wood tones and sleek curves give it a captivating, minimalist appeal that’s sure to elevate the atmosphere of your Lifting Paradise. Who knew you could complement the exposed wood of an unfinished basement? 😏

Quieter Cardio

If early-morning or late-night workouts are your bread and butter, prepare to shed tears of joy. The curved belt and high-strength nylon slats help absorb impact, turning that infuriating THUD-THUD-THUD into muffled footsteps. Coupled with the lack of motor, you might actually turn down the volume of your digital media for once 🔈

Highly Portable

Being self-powered, you can place this conditioning unit anywhere — no need for a nearby electrical outlet. And when you change your gym layout for the 84,396th time, moving it is easy. At just 209.44 pounds (which is light for a treadmill), simply lift it from the rear welded bar for those front wheels to kick in, then wheel ‘er away 🛒

Safer Than Outdoors

Have you ever tried running on ice? You get nowhere, fast. Even in the spring and fall seasons, slippery conditions and unforgiving pavement still exist. But with a manual treadmill, these injury risks disappear. With the shock-absorbing nylon slats and joint-cushioning belt, your knees will thank you 🙏

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