Bells of Steel - Blitz Magnetic Resistance Manual Treadmill

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Blitz Magnetic Resistance Manual Treadmill 

Elevate your cardio workouts with the Blitz Magnetic Resistance Manual Treadmill! 6 magnetic resistance levels, so you can walk, jog, sprint or sled push.

Ultra-smooth and highly responsive with minimal maintenance.

FEATURES • Walk, jog, sprint or push • Magnetic resistance • Rubber-coated aluminum slats • 200 precision ball-bearings • 325lb weight capacity • Black powder coat • Ships unassembled

Say hello to the Magnetic Manual Treadmill — your future soulmate.

Mindlessly boring cardio workouts are a thing of the past. With this magnetic manual treadmill, you can walk, jog, sprint and PUSH your way to higher athletic performance!

Benefits of the Magnetic Manual Treadmill

    With most manual treadmills, running faster is your only option to burn more calories. And this total lack of versatility hit us right in the sole soul… so, we had this cardio machine built with magnetic resistance. Resistance is always applied (even on level 1) and by adjusting the 6 different levels of the ergonomic lever, you can select the ideal amount of resistance for your conditioning workouts. And magnetic resistance is far superior to the cable-tensioning systems that some of our competitors use. Unlike a clunky set of cables that will wear and tear over time, magnets don’t lose their resistance and offer level transitions so smooth that you can’t help but feel the attraction 🧲

    This magnetic manual treadmill takes the basic design of manual treadmills and dials the intensity wayyyyy up. Standard manual treads have a small 6-degree curve, but ours boasts a much steeper 17° curve. That steep angle is intentional — not only does it put more work on your posterior chain, it also gives you an easier time with getting the belt started. And since magnetic resistance is applied at all levels, this unit will always be harder than a regular manual treadmill. From brisk walks to all-out sprints, this baby can do it all. But when you’re ready to really feel the burn, crank the resistance up all the way and brace against the padded front handles for a sled push — turning your monotonous cardio workouts into exciting calorie bonfires 🔥

    This isn’t your typical manual treadmill. We wanted to make sure you got every penny worth for an investment like this, so we went to one of the top sources of cardio manufacturing in the world — Taiwan. After fine-tuning all the features, we’re confident that this unit is a step above the rest: durable aluminum slats encased in rubber for longevity fit for a commercial facility. A console that displays time, pace, distance, speed, calories, watts, BPM & more… enough metrics to impress any data nerd. Oh, and that industry-standard of only 100 ball bearings for the belt? Yeah, we DOUBLED it. That means you get an ultra-smooth tread glide for that premium running experience you deserve 🥇

Specs - Magnetic Manual Treadmill

Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 325lbs/147.5kg
Running Deck Width 17"/430mm
Running Deck Length 65"/1650mm
Total Length 70"/1775mm
Total Width 30"/762mm
Total Height 62"/1575mm
Curve Angle 17°
Coating Powder Coat
Colour Black
Steel Thickness 9-Gauge
Slat Material Aluminum
Slat Coating Rubber
Max User Weight 400lbs/181kg
Warranty on Frame 5 Years
Warranty on Parts 1 Year

IMPORTANT: This unit is large and heavy, meaning it can only ship by freight. It is highly recommended to be installed on a ground floor instead of in a basement or above-ground floor. If you’d prefer to pick it up, consider bringing a friend to help you.

More Premium Features on the Magnetic Manual Treadmill.

Manual Treadmill Highlights 1

Minimal Maintenance Required

As a magnetic manual treadmill, this machine has NO motor. That’s right, the belt runs on nothing but clean, eco-friendly human power. And with almost no electrical parts (besides the console), you’ll spend less time and money on repairs. This means more time training clients, building your own fitness, or letting your pet hamster take a wild ride that it’ll never forget 🐹

Manual Treadmill Highlight Lever

Safely Push Your Limits

When using a magnetic manual treadmill, you’ll notice that there’s definitely a learning curve. Luckily, you don’t have to bail off the treadmill like a flying squirrel if you happen to lose control. Just crank the magnetic resistance dial all the way up, this will act as a brake to slow down the belt. So, even total beginners can safely push their limits — and leave the flying to those adrenaline-junkie rodents 🪂

Manual Treadmill Highlights 3

Commercial-Grade Aesthetics

Your gym isn’t just your livelihood or workout space, it’s your prized jewel. With this magnetic manual treadmill, your pride and joy will reignite every time your eyes meet. Its sleek frame can be the perfect accent to complement your upscale atmosphere — or the bold statement to help set your facility above the rest. Either way, go on and show off those curves 😍

Manual Treadmill Highlights 4

10+ Years of Experience

We sourced this magnetic manual treadmill from Taiwan, which is regarded as one of the best cardio equipment manufacturing countries in the world. This supplier in particular has over a decade of experience with crafting everything from spin bikes to treadmills. Plus, our original prototype sourced from them over 5 years ago is still in use today at a commercial facility, without needing a single repair 🛠


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