Cast Iron Kettlebells

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Cast Iron Kettlebells

The kettlebell is one of the most versatile strength training tools for all around athletic development. Kettlebell exercises utilize the entire body for virtually every movement pattern, enhancing strength, balance and hand-eye coordination. Kettlebells also strengthens, an often overlooked area, the hips. With a well-developed hip drive, athletes can improve any skill that requires power such as running or jumping.

- Achieve Your Fitness Goals with this Commercial-Quality Kettlebell
- Ideal for Cardiovascular Training
- Low-Impact Workout
- Matte black finish with color rings to identify weight
- Sold individually



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Trevor LaRose
    Great pricing

    I have bought all my kettle bells from 306 Fitness and am satisfied with the service, quality of equipment and my gains.

    Geoff L
    Great Option for Price

    If you need weight, these are a great option. Cheaper than Facebook marketplace and really friendly service.

    Charles Siman
    Cast Iron Kettlebells

    For the money these are pretty good. I have purchased multiple sizes and am generally happy with them. The fit and finish is not a great others i have used or seen and I am doubtful they are single cast. The main issue i have is where the horns meet the main part of the bell. The paint rings are just touch smaller than the rest of the horn and leave a rough or sharp like edge around the horn. I dont notice it much but its a consistent flaw across the all bells that have and is more pronounced on some. Again for the money they are good value and feel nice in the hand. Not sure how they hold up if they are getting dropped or abused.