Bells of Steel - Four Fold Mat [4' x 8'] (ETA July 2024)

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Four Fold Mat [4' x 8']

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Reduce discomfort and distractions on hard gym floors with the Four Fold Mat!

Expansive 4′ x 8′ folded-out size, great for ab work, mobility, and more. Easily folds and stores away for a clutter-free gym.

FEATURES • Smooth surface • Foldable • Transport handles • 2.5″ thick padding • 2′ x 4′ panels • 4′ x 8′ total size • 13.2lb weight • 1-year warranty

Benefits of the Four Fold Mat

    A hard floor is a PERFECT excuse to skip key parts of your training, and this four fold mat will have you fresh out of excuses. Whether your workouts involve floor-based ab work, mobility drills, or yoga, this mat will quickly become your favorite training accessory. With its 13-pound weight (reasonably heavy for a mat) and anti-slip vinyl cover, it resists sliding on hard surfaces. It also includes four 2’ x 4’ sections that easily open up a spacious 4’ x 8’ area when you need more coverage, so it makes a great wrestling mat for your kiddos — nothing beats live entertainment during your workouts 🤼
    While great for supporting your strength equipment, some gym flooring is literally a pain in the back… understandably so, when protecting your floor from damage is the goal. Feeling comfortable and supported during your floor work requires a totally different solution, and is where the Four Fold Mat excels. Its medium-firmness foam is 2.5 inches thick, so whether you’re doing planks, handstands, or inter-set naps (don’t forget the sit-up mat as your pillow), you can trust this mat to give the firmness and support that’s juuuuust right 👌
    Just like the Trifold Mat, its easy-to-use design and handles make this mat a minimalist’s dream. No more fighting with your rollable mat like it’s an inconquerable fitted sheet. Just tuck it out of the way behind your power rack to make the most of your home gym space, or sneak it into work for a nap under your desk. Hey, if you look confident enough, people will assume it’s a briefcase (but don’t tell your boss you got the idea from us… we like naps too) 🤷

Specs - Four Fold Mat

Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 13.23lbs/6kg
Single Panel Length 48"/1,219mm
Single Panel Width 24"/610mm
Single Panel Thickness 2.5"/64mm
Folded Out Length 48"/1,219mm
Folded Out Width 96"/2,438mm
Folded Up Thickness 10"/254mm
Padding Material High-Density EPE Foam
Cover Material PVC/Vinyl
Warranty 1-Year

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