Bells of Steel - Leg Curl/Leg Extension – Hydra Series

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Leg Curl/Leg Extension – Hydra Series

Isolate your quads & hamstrings with the plate-loaded Hydra Leg Curl/Leg Extension!

Compatible with our Hydra Series racks, and any racks that have true 3″ x 3″ uprights with 5/8″ holes.

FEATURES • Plate-loaded • Rack attachment • 250lb capacity • Black powder coat • Adjustable leg pad • Ships unassembled

Economically isolate your quads & hammies to build a nice set of wheels.

Don’t mind leg day? Same. But with the Hydra Leg Curl/Leg Extension, it’s the two days after that we can’t stand.

Benefits of the Hydra Leg Curl/Leg Extension

    It’s no secret that squats are the OG for developing a set of impressive legs (lookin’ right at you, Belt Squat Machine). Yet, even a barbell fanatic can dabble in the dark arts from time to time. The Hydra Leg Curl/Leg Extension unlocks seated leg extensions, so you can blast your quads… but don’t forget your hammies! They can be isolated one at a time with standing single-leg hamstring curls for some juicy hams that’ll be well worth that Easter Sunday celebration.
    There’s no question that standalone cable machines are the pinnacle gym equipment pieces. However, they come at a steep price and a serious footprint. Enter, the Hydra Leg Curl/Leg Extension. Like our other Hydra rack attachments, it’s designed to fit true 3” x 3” tubing with 5/8” holes. By mounting directly onto an upright, it saves on steel and on floor space — giving you EVEN MORE room to expand your Personal Lifting Paradise 😉
    This baby is plate-loaded but having leg isolation exercises right in your home gym is so special that you might just get all warm and fuzzy inside. To overcome the lack of resistance at the onset of the movement, simply loop a light resistance band around the pivoting arm and a band peg. The band tension will give you resistance right from the start and you’ll get such a good leg pump that you’ll finish leg day like a baby deer learning how to walk.

Specs - Hydra Leg Curl/Leg Extension

Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 59.8lbs/27.1kg
Total Depth 23.6"/600mm
Total Width 42.1"/1070mm
Total Height 23.3"/593mm
Plate Peg Diameter 1.96"/50mm
Loadable Peg Length 10.8"/275mm
Coating Black Powder Coat
User Capacity 250lbs/113.4kg
Plate Peg Capacity 250lbs/113.4kg
Warranty Frame: Limited Lifetime
Pads & Seat: 1 Year

IMPORTANT: Your power rack MUST be bolted down when using the Hydra Leg Curl/Leg Extension to ensure user and equipment safety. For maximal stability, use this attachment on the inside of your rack.

More AWESOME features on the Hydra Leg Curl/Leg Extension

Creative Exercises

Home gym enthusiasts are well-known for their craziness creativity. Leg extensions and single leg hamstring curls are the obvious choices with this attachment, but we’ve heard of lifters using it for seated calf raises, hip thrusts and more!

Adjustable Leg Pad

Thanks to the adjustment settings on the leg roller, the Hydra Leg Curl/Leg Extension can fit the leg lengths of many lifters. Just loosen the pin to adjust the position of the leg pad, then get back to leg annihilation 💥

250lb Capacity

Thanks to the 250lb capacity, you can load up the weight plates on this rack attachment. The 10.8” loadable plate peg can easily fit five 45lb machined plates with plenty of room to spare, so you can push your leg muscles to the max!

Built-In Seat

When training at home, saving time is the greatest gain of them all. And the built-in seat means that you don’t have to drag over a plyo-box or bench and set it at just the right height — just attach it, adjust it, load it, then lift it 💪🏻

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