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These light tension springs are made exclusively for Merrithew Stability Chairs. Each is nickel-plated and heat-treated to protect the base material of the spring. This ensures the quality and integrity of its tension throughout its life through demanding studio use.

Sold as a pair.

Note: this item is for use with Merrithew/STOTT PILATES® equipment only



Spring performance

  • Our springs are built to withstand vigorous use in professional or commercial environments
  • To maintain performance and warranty, springs require replacement every two years

Spring resistance details

  • Overall length of the spring is 18 in with an initial tension of 14.75 lbs (load required to open the coils without extension)
  • Spring rate of 3.888 lb/inch (load required to extend spring every inch after the initial tension is applied)



Push-Thru Spring / Stability Chair · Light Spring 5.5–7.5 lbs
(2.5–3.4 kg)
1.157 lbs/in +/- 10%
(.2 N/mm +/- 10%)
18 in
(45.7 cm)
1.1 in
(2.8 cm)



Warranty - 2 years all springs

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