Marpo Functional Tire Trainer

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Marpo Functional Tire Trainer

The new Marpo Functional Tire Trainer is much more than a Tire Flip machine it is a Magnetic resistance powerhouse much like Marpo's line of Rope Trainers. The use of Marpo’s Dynamic Braking System allows the user to perform tire flips and many more lower and upper body exercises without the noise and potential for injury associated with training with actual tractor tires, all in a fraction of the space. The effective resistance ranges from 45lbs to 300lbs allowing users of all levels to enjoy the benefits of total body training in a safe functional modality.

The Marpo Functional Tire Trainer offers a wide variety of exercises that target the user's entire body.  Their innovative Tire Trainer design allows you to devise a desired workout program for general cardio, athletic training, strength, power, endurance and circuit training.


  • Dynamic magnetic brake system (DMB)
  • Dynamic resistance range 45 to 300+ lbs (20 to 136+ kgs)
  • Brake mechanism allows for bidirectional tire flipping
  • Specially designed for easy grip, durable and long lasting
  • No power source requirement
  • Dimensions: 53"H x 61"W x 86"L
  • Unit weight: 390 lb