Bells of Steel - Hero Heavy-Duty Weight Bench

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Hero Heavy-Duty Weight Bench by Bells of Steel

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Our strongest flat bench. This ultra-stable, heavy-duty weight bench has a premium 4.3″ vinyl pad & can be stored vertically.

FEATURES • 4-legged design • Premium vinyl upholstery • 4.3″ thick pad • Stores vertically • 88lb weight • 11-gauge steel • 1,000lb capacity • Ships unassembled

VERSION 2.0: The Hero Heavy-Duty Weight Bench has been upgraded for greater stability & easier assembly.

Benefits of the Hero Heavy-Duty Weight Bench

    Nothing in life is sketchier than going for a bench press PR on a wobbly bench. But with the Hero Heavy-Duty Weight Bench, you can kiss that worry goodbye — along with the need for a 4-person team of professional spotters — because this bench ain’t movin’ a smidge during your set. Factor in its hefty 88lb weight, four-legged design and rubber foot grips, you might just slap on those extra 100lb Mighty Grip Plates after all.

    Home gyms are in a never-ending battle between equipment and open floor space. To help shift the tides of war in your favour, the Hero Heavy-Duty Weight Bench includes a dense rubber stopper near the head of the bench. Like our Buzz-Saw Adjustable Bench, a stopper allows the bench to be stored vertically and tucked away neatly in a corner without the pad ever being in contact with the floor. So, you can chill, King Leonidas. No need to spartan-kick us into a dark bottomless pit.

    Off-roading didn’t exactly make the top 10 list of what this bench could do… buuuut its sturdy wheels, thick steel & rugged handle still make cruising around with this heavy-duty weight bench surprisingly easy. By grabbing onto the handle and lifting up, you’re ready to ride off into the sunset wheel it across your gym with ease. And although it drives real smooth when parking it inside your power rack, we don’t recommend that you go 4×4’ing with this bad boy (seriously though, send us a picture if you do).


Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 88lbs/40kg
Length 49"/1247mm
Width 19.6"/497mm
Height 17.7"/450mm
Pad Length 48"/1219mm
Pad Width 14"/356mm
Pad Thickness 4.3"/110mm
Colour Matte Black
Coating Powder Coat
Steel Thickness 11-Gauge
Total Weight Capacity 1000lbs
Warranty See Below

WARRANTY: 180-day warranty on wheels & upholstery and Limited Lifetime Warranty on bench frame.

More AWESOME features on the Hero Heavy-Duty Weight Bench

Our Strongest Flat Bench

If your favourite burger has three patties, bacon, extra cheese and all the fixings, then this heavy-duty weight bench has been grilled up just for you. It’s our most beefed-up bench — heavier, stronger AND sturdier than our most beloved Powerlifting Bench. But if sliders are more your style, then our Utility Flat Bench will be the perfect blend between your taste buds and your wallet.

Non-Slip Bench Pad

Forget the slick, slippery benches you’ve tried in the past. The grippy vinyl upholstery on the 4.3” thick bench pad of this heavy-duty weight bench will help you keep a solid arch throughout your set. Because as you’re grinding out those final reps, you should be focused entirely on pushing the bar… instead of trying to join the travelling circus with an awkwardly-impressive contortionist act 🎪

Clean BOS Design

I get it, you’re not trying to impress anybody in your home gym. Laser-cut BOS logo along the spine, premium vinyl upholstery, and matte-black powder coat gives this heavy-duty weight bench a professional look. So when you show your gym to guests, you get awe & admiration instead of an awkward shuffle with a less-than-impressed, “Wow… you workout in here?”

Easier Assembly

Soooo, it’s rumoured that a couple of our products have put the “ass” in “assembly” (oh hey there, Blitz Bike). But with our Hero Heavy-Duty Weight Bench, all washers, nuts & bolts are already pre-placed into each part — instead of one bag of jumbled hardware for you to manually sort through. This saves you time and spares you from muttering just a few f-bombs along the way 🤬


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