Mighty Wrist Wraps 2.0

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Mighty Wrist Wraps 2.0

Get serious wrist support for confident lifts with the Mighty Wrist Wraps! Multiple styles, lengths, and designs available.

Competition-style wraps are thicker for more support and stability, while the Training wraps are thinner for more flexibility and comfort.

FEATURES • Two styles • Two lengths • Three designs • 65% polyester • 35% elastic • Sticky velcro • 6-month warranty

Benefits of the Mighty Wrist Wraps

    Whether you’re a powerlifting disciple or a casual exerciser, you know the importance of lifting efficiently to achieve new PRs. And under a heavy barbell, even a small loss of force can turn a regular PR attempt into wrist-y business — that’s where wrist wraps come in. Their stability and compression help you maintain a favorable wrist position under load, so you can transfer force as efficiently as possible and direct every morsel of energy toward your next PR 💪
    Wrist pain can ruin your workout or derail your progress. Worst of all, can happen to anyone and at any time. But don’t be discouraged, as these wrist wraps are mighty handy (get it?) for minimizing wrist aches & pains. They’re excellent for bench pressing and overhead pressing, where keeping a neutral wrist position is ideal. However, they’re also a blessing for back squats if you require an extended wrist position to keep the bar in the correct position on your back — especially for low-bar back squats. When hundreds of pounds are no longer 100% carried by your wrists, it’s normal to feel nothing but love 🤗

    There are many varieties of the Mighty Wrist Wraps, so here are the deets: they’re offered in two styles: competition and training. Competition wraps are thicker for more support and stability, while training wraps are thinner for more flexibility and comfort. The comp wraps come in two lengths: 19.69-inch and 27.56-inch for less or more revolutions around your wrists, respectively. Finally, choose from various designs to suit your visual preference. Across the board, our wrist wraps are made from a durable 65% polyester and 35% elastic blend with strong velcro connection points that’ll stick with you until your last rep. And don’t forget that helpful thumb loop so you can secure them in place 🔒

Specs - Mighty Wrist Wraps

Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 0.5lbs/0.23kg
Competition Wrap Lengths 19.69"/500mm
Competition Wrap Width 3"/76.2mm
Competition Wrap Thickness 3.5mm
Training Wrap Length 19.69"/500mm
Training Wrap Width 3.2"/80mm
Training Wrap Thickness 2.5mm
Wrap Material 65% Polyester
35% Elastic
Warranty 6-Month

IMPORTANT: The B.o.S. wrist wraps are not officially certified or approved for in-competition use.

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