Spinal Alignment Stick

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The Spinal Alignment Stick provides stability and support when realigning the spine and is perfect to use with clients who have spinal lateral curvatures and rotation. Use this tool for traction, to stabilize the scapulae and shoulders, and to help maintain balance during standing exercises.



  • Perfect for clients with spinal lateral curvatures and rotation
  • Provides stability and support
  • Can be used to help clients re-align and re-balance spinal musculature
  • Can be used alone or in pairs
  • Appropriate height for taller clients



Clean wood surface areas as required, using a soft cloth and gentle cleaner. Ensure cleaners do not leave an oily residue or make surfaces slippery.

Caution, we do not recommend using chemical based products.



Length 48 in 121.9 cm
Diameter 1.1 in 2.8 cm
Weight 1 lb .45 kg




Nice Gondola Pole

By Rosalie, VA, US on April 01, 2020

This a nicely finished hardwood pole with soft rubber tips. It is very useful for helping to maintain balance while performing standing exercises on the reformer, chair, or Tower. Thank you for making it available.

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