Bells of Steel - Squat Stands 3.0

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The Bells of Steel Squat Stands are a portable, compact and inexpensive solution for squatting and benching.

Stands include one pair of triple padded j cups.

Please allow 1-2 weeks to fulfill order.

Beefy Squat Stands are an excellent alternative to
a power rack when space and budget is limited.


    Weight Capacity 600lbs
    J-cups triple padded standard
    Assembled dimensions 29L x 24W x 72.5H
    Shipping box Dimensions 70x10x15in
    12 Gauge 60x60mm/2.3×2.3″
    Gauge tubing 2mm
    Gauge Holes 5/8″
    Wheels 2 (for easy transport)


    Weighing in at a beefy 73lbs for maximum stability, the Squat Stands 3.0 can be used in home gyms or commercial settings, for instance, weightlifting clubs.

    Trying to decide between squat stands and a power rack? Then check out Squat Stands vs Power Racks: How to Choose.

    Superior 1” spacing through the bench and pull zone, and 2” spacing above and below allow you to select the perfect height for your jcups, for precision lift offs that can make the difference between a good rep and a superb rep.

    A large selection of accessories are available for our squat stands to add versatility and excitement to your workouts, such as roller jcups or a monolift. The wheels on the back make it easy to move them out of the way for less important things, like your car, when space is limited.

    Why would you choose Squat Stands instead of a power rack?

    • You’re tight on space: Therefore, need something portable and compact.

    • Money is limited: and above all, you just need the bare minimum to be able to squat.

    • You’re a seasoned Olympic weightlifter: and value the connection of the bar and yourself above all else. Years of missed lifts have made you a master in dumping heavy barbells. Words like “safety” and “spotter” are for wimps and you know in my heart of hearts, there are truly only 3 places a barbell belongs, on my back, in my hands or on the ground.

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