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Instantly increase your squat depth with the Squat Wedge Board to build bigger, stronger quads!

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FEATURES • 30° angle • 19.68″ x 14.76″ surface • 7.5lb weight • 11/16″ plywood • 551lb capacity • Ships unassembled

Don't let poor squat depth be your Achilles' heel.

The Squat Wedge Board will have you dropping it lowwwww, so you can bring your quads up 📈

Benefits of the Squat Wedge Board

    Thought heavy squats were your one-way ticket to big, strong quads? Think again. Research by Bryanton & colleagues (2012) found that “… training for the knee extensors [your quads] can be performed with low relative intensities but require a deep squat depth.” So, light AND deep are key to growing a serious set of wheels. Whether you want to pair this squat wedge board with bodyweight, goblet, or barbell squats, the choice is yours. Just don’t come cryin’ to us when your legs are burnin’ 🔥
    If poor squat depth is your Achilles’ heel, then this Squat Wedge Board will be your mighty Hercules. It offers a 19.68″ x 14.76″ surface, which is enough of a footprint to fit a medium stance width of an average-sized lifter. The slant board also features a 30-degree angle, so you can hit those ass-to-grass (ATG) squats with ease. It’s such a magical experience that you might just say, “Oh my quad!”
    Even if you switch to a safety squat bar, that same ol’ squatting movement can get a little stale. Adding a dash of variation with the Squat Wedge Board can spice things up, but it isn’t just reserved for your squats! Perform calf raises and split squat variations, so you can earn the nickname of “Quadzilla”. Or, elevate your toes during Romanian deadlifts for an extra hamstring focus. If one thing’s clear, this gym accessory can help you avoid getting too board 🥱

Specs - Squat Wedge Board

Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 7.5lbs/3.4kg
Width 19.68"/500mm
Depth 14.76"/375mm
Height 5.5"/140mm
Material Plywood
Wood Thickness 11/16"
Total Weight Capacity 551lbs/250kg
Warranty 1-Year

IMPORTANT: For user safety, please ensure that the Squat Wedge Board is only used on a non-slip surface, like rubber flooring. Avoid using on slick surfaces.

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